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Scott Lynch: The Republic of Thieves, the final thoughts

Our adventure  in Karthain is at an end but it seems there are many more awaiting us in the future. 😉

This week’s questions were brought to us by Allie:

In Espara:

1. The Republic of Thieves:  It’s the first and final performance!  What did you think of the play?  Were you entertained, or eager to get on with the rest of the story?  Also, how do you feel about how the play fits in the novel, in terms of the story and the characters who images (2)play the parts?

It was fun but at this point I was very eager to get to the Karthain part of the story. It was fun to read about Espara though and I think the whole interlude fit nicely into the story. But that’s it for me, it was just an interlude to get to the more interesting part. 😉


2. The Other Performance:  Of course, the GB and company had another important performance to get through—the one that ensures none of them end up hanged!  What was your favorite part of this scheme?  Do you agree with their plan for dealing with Moncraine’s treachery?

I don’t think there was anything else they could have done about Moncraine. But that whole performance was worthy of theater! It was such smart thinking on their feet and under true duress, I was very glad to see it succeed. Best part? I’m not sure – possibly the one where Sabetha and Locke get the unexpected lecture…


In Karthain…

3. The Election:  It seems Lovaris was indeed the final trick, and the election is over.  Are you satisfied with how things turned out? Do you wish that the election had focused more on the political problems of Karthain, or are you satisfied with the mudslinging and pranks that went on between Locke and Sabetha?

I’m satisfied. With everything. I didn’t think Lynch would pull another stand-off between Locke and Sabetha (like we had in the beginning of the book) but he had, and I’m glad he did. I think that works best for the dynamics of the duo. No one getting the upper hand.


4. The War: Do you have any speculation on what specific issues might have escalated the two Bondsmagi factions rivalry into this kind of violence?  What do you think the surviving Bondsmagi will do next, with all their gathered money and knowledge?

I knew the faction wanted to take over power but I thought it was only political. I didn’t understand that both parties would actually aim to kill the opponents. I didn’t see that coming at all, and  for the surviving Bondsmagi, I have no idea what they will do or where will they go, but I think they lost an important player at the end of the story.

Why it escalated? Because the faction wanted to gain more power and basically take over the world?


5. Patience: Given the final revelation that Patience does hate Locke for what he did to the Falconer, what do you make of her behavior towards Locke throughout the book?  Do you think her plan of vengeance is well suited to Locke?  What do you make of the Black images (1)Amaranth story now, as well as the prophecy she threw on top?

Oh hell! Can I just say that I didn’t feel bad at all by the end of the book and her downfall. She really got on my nerves with that whole “I’m so much better, stronger and smarter than you Locke and I’ll basically ruin your life with what I’m about to reveal”.

I don’t trust her – especially since she explained why they called her the Seamstress. I think whatever she knew about Locke’s future, she made it sound in a way that would fit her machinations and sound bad for Locke.

And speaking of her predictions, I know she couldn’t have foreseen her own future but how did she miss the Falconer’s?! Because she interfered with it?


6. The Epilogue: Speaking of vengeance, do you think the Falconer’s vengeance against his mother was merited or excessively cruel, given the circumstances?  On that note, how do you feel about the Falconer’s transformation and possible status as a continuing villain?

After what she did to Locke’s state of mind and after her arrogance and conceit, I’m fine with it. It’s obvious she also had her fingers in Falconer’s fate so it seems she’s actually a bad guy (woman). Also, I don’t think there was much else he was able to do at that point.

As for Falconer being the villain, well, it’s SCARY AS HELL. Honestly, the anger and power in him, I’m scared for Locke. Albeit, if we listen to Patience, it will take some time for Locke to find and lose the 3 things, so he might be fine for quite some time yet (before the silver rain). I think the Falconer will go after the Bondsmagi first.


7. Wrapping up:  Thus ends the third book in the Gentleman Bastard sequence.  How do you think it compares with the first two?  In the end, do you prefer the Espara storyline or the Karthain storyline, or did you like them both equally?

I wish the guys would finish an adventure richer than when they started with which shouldn’t be that difficult as they are always poor in the beginning. But no, that doesn’t seem possible it seems. 🙂 At least no one is dying this time around…

Of course I prefer the Karthain storyline, Espara was fun but the real stuff was happening in Karthain.

Final thoughts: Honestly, I felt kind of stupid Jean had to point it out to Locke (and me) that they better run for it, as someone will probably invade Karthain asap. 🙂

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Scott Lynch: The Republic of Thieves Read Along, Part I

It’s time for another round of fun with Locke and Jean! 🙂

As with the previous two, I’m again participating in the read along of Scott Lynch’s Gentleman Bastards series.

This week’s questions were provided by Dab of Darkness and without further ado, here they are with my answers.

1) We get to reminisce with several old friends in this section – Carlo, Galdo, Chains. How did you like this? Bitter sweet or happy dance?
It did start a bit bittersweet for me but that was soon replaced by happiness of getting to enjoy those “carefree” days again. Actually, I wasn’t even aware hoe much I missed them until those parts appeared in this book. I guess Mr. Lynch considered our shock and sadness at seeing them gone. And that it also proved as a good background for the whole Locke-Sabetha situation.images (1)

2) Finally, the infamous Sabetha makes a physical appearance, albeit in Locke’s reminisces. What are your impressions? How do you think the romance, if there is to be one, will play out? 

Well, I actually got further along than designated for this week. My impressions in the beginning were that it seemed a bit too young to develop a burning love to last until Locke’s dying day (at least that’s what I gather from him it feels like).  I don’t know how it will play out (I’d rather not guess and then be proven wrong) but I certainly hope Locke gets some happiness in his love life.

3) After trying absolutely everything to save Locke, Jean still won’t give up. What did you think of that little pep talk he gave Locke concerning Patience’s offer of healing? 

Well, I know the story is centered about Locke more but Jean is to him what Hermione is to Harry Potter (I manage to put HP into everything). Jean is who has my vote of confidence to make it all happen for what Locke imagined. Because lets face it – Locke would be long dead without Jean while I don’t think the same is true for Jean.
Can I just say  my thoughts at that part were – Hit him as well for being such a pain in the ass! (the book is making me swear, I swear!)

4) Locke has a few caveats to working for the Bondsmage. Wise or just Locke grasping for some control over his life? What would you ask Patience?

Wise. Definitely wise. There is no way there is not an underlying current to all this we’re not seeing. I mean, it was expected it would be the Bondsmagi who would save Locke but now they did, I hope they get put down to earth a bit.
I actually think Patience is one of the “good” guys – it seems someone is working to kill her as well (her son’s faction I’m guessing).
What would I ask her? Actually nothing comes to mind instantly – I just cannot grasp the magnitude of their capabilities.

5) At the end of this section, we see that all is not as Patience laid it out. How much do you think Patience knows of the plot to off Locke and Jean? Do you see it interfering in the rigged election?

I see it as part of the rigged election. Experience so far has shown that Mr. Lynch manages to make it all somehow come together and there might be signs along the way but until you reach the end, they are generally undecipherable. 🙂 That said, I think the two (elections and getting killed) go together. I don’t think Patience knows anything about the particular plot (as I believe it concerns her life as well). But I do think she might believe that could be a real scenario.

We’ll see what happens next…

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