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Ragazze in Bologna

Some of you might have seen on Tara’s blog the mention of an upcoming trip to Bologna. The idea came from Natalie and then she and Tara teamed up to invite Asali and myself. All I can say to that is that it was some brilliant thinking on their part. I don’t remember the last time I had so much leisurely, unhurried fun with such wonderful people.

I’ve met Natalie 4 years ago when she was traveling through Croatia with her husband and it’s known that Asali and I have been friends for a while now. The person I was so eager to finally meet was Tara. I don’t want to gush now about how the perfume world has given me a chance to meet amazing people, but it has. I always imagined Tara as a strong but kind woman and the reality was very much like that. You might not be aware of her strength when you see her waify form but when you hear her voice, there is no mistaking the strength there.

Anyway, to get on to the actual trip. 🙂 We all met in Bologna, arriving one after the other and the six of us did some true Italian holidaying. If you are wondering who is number 6, well, a friend of Natalie’s husband also arrived from New York so we were truly an international band of tourists. Which actually turned out to be great because we did different things to make everyone happy and we shared stories from our particular backgrounds – making us get to know each other better and learn more about cultural differences. This was all underscored by sightseeing (churches and museums mostly), having lazy Italian lunches and dinners, and gelato and aperitivo in the meantime. Honestly, Italians know how to enjoy life. 🙂

And I miss the espresso now. I got quite used to it. And the fact that Italian guys don’t mind some causal flirting – hence the title of the post. We loved being called “ragazze”. 😀

So, in no particular order, here are some photos from the trip.


One of many beautiful buildings in Bologna


I love churches so I enjoyed visiting them but no longer remember which is which 🙂


Basilica di San Petronio


The Neptune sculpture that’s supposed to be on the fountain but is actually in Archeological museum as the fountain is undergoing reconstruction


A canal running through Bologna

20170617_101148 (1)

Turns out there is no river in the river Po


The most amazing theatre I’ve ever seen (in Parma) – Teatro Farnese


Part of the Farnese palace is the library (HUGE!) – I want to live there


Parma cathedral


Baptistry in Parma


Basilica di San Luca


View from the San Luca basilica (it’s on top of a hill)


Asali doesn’t give up so we finally had a good enough selfie 😉

Girls Just Want To Have Fun! (part 2)

Up until the time I sat down and started writing this post, I had a completely different idea in my mind of what it will look like. But after Asali’s post yesterday and turning on radio this morning to the sound of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” (talk about synchronicity), I decided to go with the flow.

It’s my birthday after all. 🙂

I have to filch parts of Asali’s post though. 😉 After last year, which has been a successful one if one is to look at what I managed to accomplish during it, it was also extremely difficult, tiring and stressful for me so I decided to take this day as the beginning of a new year that is bound to be more happy and less stressful. By the Aquarius3light covering of snow to which I woke today, I’m taking it is a sign from providence that my life might be on a much easier route now.

Enough of that, I’m sure you want to know more about my perfume choices for having fun. 🙂

I started my day with Chanel 18. 🙂 I want to feel as sparkly and happy as that perfume smells. I might privately think of it as the diamond-type of perfume (due to its sparkly feeling) and even though I won’t be wearing anything sparkly today, it’s the way I want to feel today.

Plus, being a rather low projecting perfume, it is fitting for small gatherings where you don’t want your perfume to take over space but just enhance it.

But, if I were to have fun with girls and decide to take over some space – I would go with Guerlain’s original La Petite Robe Noire. I always smile when I think about that perfume as in my mind it fits perfectly for a girls’ night out (which I will probably have soon). It’s flirty, fun, and makes you noticed. I’d say the right combo for a girls’ night out, wouldn’t you?

And last, but not least, the perfume I remembered just this morning as the perfume for calling out your inner sultry seductress which both takes over space and everybody in it – Worth’s Courtesan.

I still live in the belief that there is an inner sultry seductress I could call forth (but, honestly, I’m not sure I’m that kind of woman) but even if there isn’t, that is the perfume that can make everyone believe it.

The strange thing about Courtesan is that it’s actually a lovely (albeit strong) flower perfume. Which can make you overlook the hidden “dirtiness” inside it. And the fact that if you wear it, no one is going to overlook that fact as that one will definitely take over any free space around you (in the radius of at least 5m). You are warned. 😉

Wishing everyone a lovely Sunday like the one I have planned for myself (and there’s going to be some champagne in mine). 😉

See you in two days at Undina’s!


P.S. A big thank you again to Valerie Rodriguez for creating the pictures for our little blog bash – this one is practically the color of my hair at the moment. 🙂



Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

By Asali

It is my pleasure to invite you to a 4 day birthday-perfume-blogger-bash.

I hadn’t known Ines for long, before I realised that our birthdays were only one day apart, and when Undina wrote her story about finding a Guerlain in Las Vegas , I realised that her birthday had to be close to mine and Ines’. I thought that this would be an ideal opportunity for a 4 day long birthday-celebration. And luckily both Ines and Undina agreed.

As a child I loved the excitement of birthdays, the presents, the cake, the guests and all the surprisesAquarius4 the day consisted of. I am aware that I probably kept this excitement a great deal longer than most of my friends. One thing about becoming an adult was realising that if one wanted a birthday party, one would have to make the party and arrange the surprises if there were to be any. Celebrating one self, seemed such a hard thing to do, and has made me hesitant of any bigger celebrations over the last many years. However Feb 9th 2013 is the date where finally I will have finished a lot of things which have burdened me over the last year; I’ve sold my old flat, moved out, I managed to find a new flat (although it won’t be mine till later in the year), I will have finished an exam, for which I definitely did not have enough time or energy to study, and I will finally be able to find more time for the things that matter and things that make me happy. So this year, on my birthday, I will not be shy of celebrating, I’m determined to have as much fun as possible. So why not also celebrate with you here?

Of course this should be about perfume too, so here come the scents of my birthday 2013.

It will most definitely start with the smell of freshly ground coffee, shortly followed by a cup of the hot drink itself, and a croissant. Hopefully I’ll wake up and smell the coffee…

I was planning to wear something light during the day, so that I can wear something different for the evening. Light in all ways; light-hearted, easy-going and a bit fleeting. I am thinking the new L’Heure de Nuit; because it’s L’Heure Bleue without the melancholia, and for this occasion that’s just perfect. It’s elegant and a bit cheeky, but only slightly so. Despite the name, I think of this for daytime wear and when it will have evaporated I’ll wear my evening perfume.

I plan for there to be enough champagne for the evening – I haven’t thought of much else, just as long as there is enough champagne; and to match that, I’ll wear some happy-bubbly, sparkly, head-high- stilettos on – Arpège. My bottles are well packed away (and alas the purple peep-toe stilettos too), but I do have a sample of the Eau de Arpège, and I plan to spend it all.

No birthday is complete without gifts and wishes, so here they are:

My perfumed gift that I’ll grant myself (sooner or later, it’s been on the list for long enough) MDCI Promesse de L’Aube.

My birthday perfume-wishes include (I’m being adult and restraining myself here, pretending to be a person of measure): Vintage L’Heure Bleue parfum and Puredistance Opardu.

Please spend my birthday with great enjoyment. See you tomorrow.


A big thank you to Valerie Rodriguez for creating the wonderful pics for us to have for this perfume bash. 🙂

Paris perfume highlights

Even though we managed to visit and sniff our way through many perfume shops (Serge Lutens, Costes/Iunx, Colette, Rosine, Guerlain, JAR, several stands at Printemps) there are two places that stand out in my mind as the highlights of the trip.

I knew Asali was disappointed we didn’t get to visit Jovoy together in December and we decided this time around, it was one of the non-negotiable stops.
And I now understand completely why someone who’s been there would be disappointed if another perfumista in Paris skipped the store and the experience.

I don’t think my words will do justice to the whole experience. I believe we spent over 2 hours there, taking some time to rest on the couch and sofas located in the back for just that purpose.
Even the espresso we all received upon arrival couldn’t keep us on our feet after the sniff-a-thon we had there.

As Asali is already known there, she was the one discussing perfumes with Monsieur Hénin the most while we slowly worked our way through the store, coming together to check who tried what and sniff each other’s arms and then went on our own again to discover new fragrant wonders.

At some point we all converged on the oud range by Xerjoff and had a lively discussion with Monsieur Hénin there over oud while smelling the Oud Stars. And when I say lively, I mean we all had fun and laughed a lot as Monsieur Hénin is this charming, smiling, elegant man with a slightly wicked sense of humor which he wields as part of his charm. And he even burned oud chips for us. 🙂

If I remember correctly, the whole Xerjoff oud series is very good – there is something to be found for every taste (possibly not wallet). 😉

I will let the girls tell you their side of the story – I just know I’d go to Paris just so I could go and have fun at Jovoy again.
The bottles  I came out with were Mona di Orio Vetyver (which I knew I would finally buy in Paris) and Brecourt’s Haram – another oriental for my ever growing collection.
(I should also mention a bag full of samples of everything I wanted to get to know better)

Mark’s photo of the three of us outside Jovoy

The other place that stands out in my mind as a great smelling experience was a stand at Printemps which holds several collections, among others: Nez a Nez, SoOud, Boadicea and Nasomatto.
Asali is also known there, and she recommended the place as there is a great SA working there who, lucky for us, was there when we arrived.
His name is Alexi(s) (we didn’t get to hear it right) and he also remembered Asali (like Suzanne said, men love her).
So he proceeded to familiarize us with the ranges and we smelled our way through many of the perfumes on display there. At the end of the session I fell madly in love with Nez a Nez Bal Musqué and promptly took the bottle home with me.

In the end, an honorable mention goes to the nice man at the JAR boutique who was very generous with his time since we entered the boutique after its closing time (the doors weren’t locked) and we asked if it would be ok to smell the perfumes even though it was after closing time, and he was very nice and said we had enough time for a quick tour (only it didn’t seem quite that quick and he was displaying the perfumes for the four of us rather elegantly, without any hurry).
The one I fell for is the Bolt of Lightning. It is THE perfume I imagined in my post here. It has that metallic smell of lightning in the warm air and the smell of wet asphalt is in the mix. The fact that all this is possible through white flowers never ceases to amaze me. (I knew the price would amaze me too, so I didn’t even ask) 😉

The pic of all of us in front of Jovoy is Mark’s and Suzanne’s.

Visit and try your hand at winning

Suzanne over at Perfume Journal is having a wonderful drawing for a 4ml mini of Cartier’s L’Heure Fougeuse and at the same time wrote a wonderful post that made me blush and for which I am so very grateful.

Especially the part where she calls our perfume community a perfume “shire”. 😀

Thank you Suzanne!

P.S. I just realized I managed to use the word wonderful two times in one sentence. Oh well, I was excited so I’ll leave it now. 🙂

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