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Patricia Briggs: Frost Burned

frostThis was a really good choice after my HP problem. 🙂 It seems to me that Mercy Thompson series is getting better with each new installment which is not something I can say for many others. Quite the contrary, several series I enjoyed reading, I read no longer as I lost interest. Or even when I do, they are just not as good as I remember the previous books.

Not so with Frost Burned. Although I admit to forgetting some previous plots in the meantime (or the fact that Samuel had a fae mate?! when did that happen?).

So, while writing this review I went to check the previous books and I realized I have missed River Marked. I just don’t think I would have so completely forgotten so many referenced things in this novel if I had read all of the previous ones. That is why River Marked is on my list just after I finish Inferno by Dan Brown.

Frost Burned starts off action packed and rather thrilling. I know I oftentimes mention my frustration with characters being stubborn to the point of stupidity, and even though Mercy would fit as a stubborn person with her idiosyncrasies, she is never stupid, quite the contrary. So, it can be done in YA novels too (because I don’t find teenagers stupid – albeit Mercy isn’t a teenager but I would say it still applies).

There are many times in the story where Mercy’s intelligence and practicality are displayed and I loved it! The more I know her, the more I like her.

One part that made me smile was when werewolves are being all secretive and the message going around is that there were some “disturbances in the Force”. 😀 I am not a geeky fan of Star Wars but I love cross-references like this.

One other point that I’d like to comment on is the fact that some authors have the ability to make you root for the bad guys to get killed as soon as possible (by the end of the book at the latest if it can’t happen sooner).

I could mention many things I enjoyed in this book – like how it made me think how our early religious beliefs (well, they are not exactly ours when we are children) but how they can influence your adult life to a painful for the soul point.

How being evil is not exclusive right of the male gender.

Basically, I can’t wait to finish Inferno so I can go to River Marked (as it’s making me a bit upset at some points).


Patricia Briggs: Silver Borne

The Mercy Thompson series is one I like and enjoy very much but now it has come to that point that I like and enjoy several of those type of series and it’s harder and harder to remember what happened before since there is always enough of a gap between books that I read so much else i the meantime, I cannot for the life of me remember all of it.

But that is not important today, I remembered enough to be able to thorougly enjoy this Mercy installment. Mercy Thompson is a coyote shifter, not to be mistaken for a were animal (start reading the series if you are interested in what constitutes a difference). 😉

Anyway, this book is far enough in the life of Mercy that she is already mated with the werewolf pack’s Alpha who happens to be her neighbor.

In each book she ends up in trouble so you can imagine her life is not exactly safe which comes to bite her in the back when friends are considered in this book.

This time the story revolves around the misterious book she was lent by the half-fae, bookstore owner Phin. As you can guess there is more to that book then meets the eye and it is quite interesting once you find out.

Of course, bad fae want it so there is some bad stuff happening along with the fact that Samuel (Marrok’s son who lives with Mercy and is a lone wolf) is having a serious life crisis that resolves itself quite interestingly out. I loved that part.

There is a quality to Ms Briggs’ writing that I cannot determine what it is but makes for easy, not too long but full of meaning reading. It feels like the story is much longer and the connection between Mercy and Adam finally clicked into place for me.

The only thing that scares me is that this was book 5, meaning the next one is book 6 where usually someone dies at the end and the book ends for readers with incredulity – how did the author dare do this and make me wait for the next book?!! – which is usually a year or more in the future. 🙂 This is speaking from personal experience.

WoW: Patricia Briggs

I barely made it – this being the last day of the week. This week’s author is Patricia Briggs who is climbing my personal writer list. I’ve read this week the “Hunting ground” – her second book in the series Alpha and Omega. Those being the werevolves. It’s interesting, I’ve been reading books with werevolves for quite some time, and I never came across a reference to an omega werevolf (they are quite rare and do not display the aggresive behaviour of most of werevolves nor are they submissive, that being the solution to not being a strong enough wolf so everyone bows to what you say).

The Alpha and Omega series just gets better with each book and I was sorry to read at Mrs. Briggs site that another book is not coming anytime soon, there are other books scheduled for release. The good news is that one of them is another of Mercy Thompson series – happening in the same world as the Alpha and Omega, mentioning some of the characters as well (like the Marrok – leader of all American werevolves and father to sons, one appearing as the Alpha in the A and O series, and another as a friend (used to be lover) of Mercy Thompson.

One more good thing I realized browsing through Patricia Briggs’ site is that there are some fantasy books available (and I already saw some of the titles in my favourite bookstore – Algoritam). I’ll buy one of them to see if I’m going to like them (I somehow don’t doubt it) and let you know after how it went.

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