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Kresley Cole: Demon from the Dark

I feel I have nothing new to say about Kresley Cole and her Immortals after Dark series. Everything has already been said by both me and other book bloggers.
But reading her books is just so much fun! 🙂 Although this time the male character sounded more like he came out from a Sherrilyn Kenyon’s book due to all the suffering he went through.

Anyway, this time around we meet some new factions in the world of immortals and this time, those are human.
One of the things I like about Kresley Cole is that I can never guess what’s going to happen next. Or at all. Ok, yes, I know in the end the couple is going to work out through their problems and end up together, but the road there – have no idea what’s it going to look like. And that makes me seriously happy.

I liked the characters, Carrow and Malkom both have some childhood problems to deal with (Malkom’s are a bit more tragic though). The sex scenes are steamy hot as usual, love between the characters is as strong as can be and the end hints at the war in the lore happening quite soon. I can’t wait to read the next installment, esepcially since I don’t know whose story is it going to be.

And on the end note, can I just say I am very thankful to Kresley and her publishing house for continuing to publish her work as paperbacks because those books are so great I keep wondering when they are going to want more money for them.

Kresley Cole: Pleasure of a Dark Prince

Finally I get to talk about this book! 🙂

I’ve read it during the weekend and to say I enjoyed it would be an understatement. I don’t know if it’s because I know what to expect from Kresley Cole’s work or she is just getting better and better, but this is one book I will be reading again and again. Ok, all Immortals after Dark are books I re-read and will be doing that for quite some time. and even though I know what to expect from the story, the lovers who are not suited and one (or both) are against the relationship, a terrible problem they have to deal with and cannot for the life of them see it will ever be resolved in a positive manner, a whole lot of sexually charged situations and interesting twists, each book reads better and better. 🙂

This time we have Lucia the Archer and the prince is of the Lykae clan, his brother is missing so he is the heir but the brother re-appears (that’s actually the first real book in the series – a great one as well). Anyway, there are some dark misteries in Lucia’s past (in my mind I’m calling her now the way he calls her in the book) and she just cannot imagine there is a future for her with Garreth. She is of course his mate so he needs to look no further (even if he could, there is only one mate for life).

Honestly, I didn’t see the end coming. Ok, I couldn’t even begin to imagine how was Kresley going to resolve it, so I enjoyed the suspense.

And if all this didn’t get you the idea how much I liked the book – I LOVED it. 🙂 And can’t wait for the next installment.

Ms. Cole can you please hurry with writing the following novels? Please?

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Some promotion for my own selfish purposes

I don’t know how about you, but I’m always ready to either get something for free or get some reward in any manner. So, it turns out today, I’ll be doing a little jewelry and book promotion.

There is this interesting jewelry site (LuShae Jewelry) that offers rather great prices for their products (I’m already debating whether I really need this pendant or not) and there is a chance to win a sweepstake or a monthly prize of 200$. If you want to check it out, click here.
I’m still wondering how come they don’t have bracelets and necklaces but maybe in the future.

The second thing is, this week is the release of Kresley Cole’s Pleasure of a Dark Prince and to enter for a chance to win some books (I can never let such a chance pass me by), I just needed to let you know it’s out.
Here you can read my thoughts on Kresley Cole.
Btw, the book is already on its way to me – I’m just waiting for a call from my favourite bookstore (Algoritam) to let me know it arrived. 🙂

P.S. I promise my next post is a review of a perfume. 🙂

WoW: Kresley Cole, IAD series

I don’t know how many of you read that I absolutely love Kresley Cole’s IAD series. I was actually starting to read again one of the previous ones (Dark Desires after Dusk) when I got a call fromAlgoritam that a new one by KC arrived. 🙂 Yeey! This one is Dark Kiss of Winter in combination with Gena Showalter (who I haven’t read yet but will soon because I keep reading good things about her). Anyway, Untouchable is the story of Daniella (the Ice maiden/queen who is half Valkyrie, half Icere fey) and Murdoch Wrath (a good vampire – there are bad ones as well in this world), the last of the 4 Wroth brothers to get his love story. That does not mean there will be no other books in the series. Oh, no. There are Valkyirie, vampires, demons, witches and all other kinds of creatures turning up in these novels and of course, they are all immortals, meaning they won’t die of natural causes but can be killed (not easily though).

What I love about KC novels is that they are so unpretentious, easy to read and the dialogues are totally funny (sometimes going into absurd but in a positive way). I can’t wait to read the next one that is to come out in February 2010. There are several stories I hope she writes, although whatever she writes, I’ll be reading it. Some thing just can’t be helped. 🙂
Anyway, back to the story. I have to admit, I felt like an idiot after I read the final paragraph where everythings turns out right. I don’t want to say much about the story, but the heroes have a serious problem consumating their desire and when the solution presented itself – I thought to myself – What an idiot! It was so logical and obvious if you actually used your brain. Which, as you can see, I did not. 🙂 I wonder how many people thought of it before it was actually announced.
As usual, the book is intertwined with stories and characters from other novels because they are all happening at about the same time, getting prepared for the Ascension.
So, if you’re looking for something witty, interesting, a bit different and containing a love story (with some hot sex scenes), Kresley Cole should be your first choice.

Picture by: www.kresleycole.com

Weekend reading

Yesterday I was celebrating the start of spring with some perfumes. Today I’ll talk about the books I’ve read over the weekend. I finished the White witch, Black curse by Kim Harrison and read also the Lover Enshrined by J.R. Ward.
The way Kim’s White witch ended, I’d say we are going to be seeing more of Rachel in the future. 🙂 Good to know. It was good as usual, but it got me thinking. I cannot get into characters’ heads and I can’t predict what they are going to say or how they are going to act or why they do what they do. By that I don’t mean to imply that Harrison is doing it badly, but quite contrary. Those are witches, vampires and pixies and the bottom line is that they are different from humans. So, I actually think she did a good job making it hard for me as a human to get their motivations completely. Well, that is my explanation anyway. 🙂
REgarding, JR Ward, her Black Dagger brotherhood has already reached its 7. installment (to come out later this month) and it is in my opinion in the same category as Keri Arthur, L. Hamilton and Kresley Cole but in a way darker. More violence, more deaths and more tragedy. Although I read only to relax (that is my anti-stress therapy) I like her books because they feel more real in a way (OK, I know we’re talking about vampires, but still). The thing is, real life is unfortunately full of tragedy and she somehow makes it more real than the rest. For her books, I have to be in a right state of mind while for the others, I simply take them and read them. Both scenarios are fine with me. 🙂
And to end this with a sketch from my morning life which proves I do not function in the morning. One of my favorite shops Martimex, has a special Easter promotion, you buy 2 perfumes and you get them 50% off (of course, this is only valid for a part of their offer, but that didn’t stop me from finding something). 🙂 anyway, they gave me samples, and instead of using one of those I bought, I decided to spritz on the sample of Guerlain Insolence, thinking I might not have been right when I remembered it as definitely not for me amd reading the notes on the card. Which just proves that I cannot think early in the morning. I was right that first time and I’m never repeating this experience with any new sample I get even if it seems fine after reading thenotes. One good thing though, I was instantly awake. 🙂 Beats me, but I have no idea where those read berries are in this because all I get is some powdery awful thing that I detest (guess it could be iris)…

Photo: spring across the street (mine)

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