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Woohoo!! It’s amber time!

And vanilla and oud. 🙂 But amber is the note that first comes to mind  when it’s cold outside.

That said, this morning I wanted to celebrate this wonderful sunny and wGolden amber close up backlit shows crystalshite day (the snow is still unmelted) with Ambre Sultan, only to not be able to find my decant. So I decided to put Ambre Precieux on. I’m very happy with that choice. If I smell a waft from afar (and not on my turtleneck), I catch what I would call a flowery hint. It’s basically wonderful.

And amber fits perfectly with this cold weather, it just makes you feel warm all over by smelling it.

My other ambery choices will include MdO Ambre, Ambra Nobile by Nobile 1942 and Le Labo Labdanum 18.

With a special mention of Caravelle Epicee, which I don’t actually count among ambers but theoretically it is, so it goes on the list. I mean, there are so many other things going on in there that saying it’s an amber perfume doesn’t do it justice.

I still find that to be one of the best winter perfumes ever. At least for me. It hits all my spicy, warm, gourmand-y buttons. Plus, it smells really sexy.

P.S. That was my first ever perfume review. 🙂


Drunk on perfume (again)

As far as I can guess, that is the only explanation how come I spent so much money in Institut Parfumeur Flores today and instead of my usual 2 bottle purchase, I actually came out with 3. Well, 2 are for me, one is for my boyfriend. Luckily for me, he doesn’t read this blog so he can’t find out I bought him a birthday gift (tomorrow is his birthday) even though I said I wouldn’t (as I’m still hodling a grudge for not getting a birthday gift myself a year ago).

On top of the 3 perfumes, I also bought a room spray for a friend.  But I do have a good explanation for my bottles – both were 50% off!!! And those 2, I didn’t even have to sniff, I learned about the discount while talking to the nice SA there who was very helpful and took the time to show me everything I wanted and talk to me about anything I wanted (well, all was related to perfume).

So, for me, I bought Worth Courtesan and Eau d’Italie Paestum Rose. I never talked about Courtesan and I should because it was the first “dirty” perfume that I actually started wearing. Paestum Rose I already talked about so today when the chance presented itself to upgrade from half a decant to a bottle I took it (especially a bottle at half the price).
The Eau d’Italie line is off because they are getting rid of the old bottles and replacing them with new (the design is different). Not all Eau d’Italie scents are 50% off, but enough. So, if anyone is interested in procuring a bottle for a good price, let me know (it comes up to 75$ or 55 Euros).

I have no idea why Courtesan was 50% off but my decant is low and now I have a bottle and no worries.
On the other hand, I can never guess what my boyfriend will like so I don’t know if he’s going to enjoy his Frapin Terre de Sarment but if he doesn’t, I know I will.

The overall experience was great – I had lots to smell and will again soon when they get some new stuff. Although, I do hope that doesn’t mean another pair of bottles (even though I just know I will have to have that new Frapin about to come out). The people were great, nice and efficient, knowledgeable and patient (as I spent there almost hour and a half). The way I was going, I could have spent there another hour and half without noticing it passing.

Afterwards, I started thinking if perhaps there is something wrong with me for wanting (and needing) to talk about perfume so much and smell it and just revel in it but then I remembered Olfactoria’s post from this morning and felt relieved. After all, she is a psychotherapist, so if someone should know what is normal, it’s her. Right? 🙂

Pic by: http://www.mimifroufrou.com/ of Cognac Pierre Frapin, cuvée 1888

Frapin: Caravelle épicée

First, a short introduction for my first perfume review. This is some scary business honestly. 🙂 Especially after reading so many different and wonderful bloggers doing this perfectly and sounding poetic at the same time. I’m not even sure I can do this since I have no experience reviewing anything, the scope of my feelings and ideas is usually, I like it or I don’t. So, I’ll try this and hopefully won’t fail miserably. In any case, this can be a good presentation of how someone calling themself a budding perfumista sees the perfume world. 🙂

Before I go on to the perfume in question, I have to share with you how this came about as the first review, the only reason not being I like it very much. 🙂

The other day I was putting some order into my closet and I found a bottle of cumin essential oil which I bought when doing my own massage oil variations. Honestly I don’t think I smelled it before the other day, but when I did a new world opened. Now I know I’ve smelled it already in several perfumes and can put a name to the note. It made me really happy. And the thing is, it is one of the notes I smell in Caravelle épicée.

OK, so here I go. As you could already have guessed, I like it very much. I’m totally into spice lately and this one works perfectly for me. After spraying it, you get hit by a spice bomb (I mean it feels like you entered a cloud of spice, it is everywhere). Unfortunately for me, that doesn’t last long, just a few short minutes before the cloud dissipates. What I get initially is something sweet I still haven’t had success in completely figuring out but guess some of it is nutmeg and at this time you can smell cumin already. Barely hints of pepper if you try (and I really tried for my first time). Honestly, those first minutes are the ones I enjoy best beacuse it feels like a feast for my spice starved senses. I get a whiff of what a good cognac smells like to me, I guess it is a combination of nutmeg and something else but I’m still too new to know what combination might achieve that wonderful whiff.

After the initial spice blast, the scent calms down considerably and stays close to skin smelling still sweet but in a dry way, smoke finds it’s way to the surface and if you really inhale, you can feel it’s sting in your throat (that was definitely a surprise). The cumin can still be traced but maybe I feel it so strongly because I have learned the way it smells and I’m just obsessed with the fact that I can recognize it. 🙂 Although, once you smell it, it’s kind of unforgettable. 😉

The rest of drydown is smoky and sweet at the same time (in a nice woody way) and I believe the little trace of cumin that I’m obsessed with, makes it feel a bit warm to me (luckyscent described it as cashmere comfort and I would have to agree). I absolutely love it.

I think this might work good in the summer as well, but I’ll let you know once summer arrives.

I was lucky enough after contacting Frapin to ask where in Croatia can this be bought, to get contacted by our wonderful new perfumery in Zagreb, Institut Parfumeur Flores, to let me know they have it. Now I have it. 🙂

They have many more wonderful things, that’s why I’m trying not to visit too often.

Luckyscent lists the following notes: Coriander, nutmeg, hot pepper, pepper, thyme, Gaiac wood, patchouli, amber, tobacco, sandalwood – but after sensing the cumin so strongly, I looked around a bit more and found clove, cumin and cardamom listed as well. I also found that it is listed as a masculine perfume (my boyfriend is going to laugh at me again – this is I believe a third one in the last month and a half that I fell in love with and is listed as a masculine). Humph!

Ok, so this is it for the first time. Besides learning I have a thing for ‘masculine’ scents, I decided to buy more essential oils I never before smelled just for learning purposes (although they will eventually end up in a carrier oil).

Image: metropoliten.rs

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