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WoW: Jenna Black

Last weekend I had time to read the third installment of Morgan Kingsley exorcist fun. 🙂 As I was saying last week with Ilona Andrews, it seems the further they go, the better they get. Or maybe, in this case it’s just me and the fact that I have a hard time of accepting characters that go against common sense and their own wellbeing (I can’t understand people not maintaining a healthy balance in their life – that goes for both books and real life). It seems Morgan is finally growing up (sort of) so I find it easier to follow her mind.

Anyway, Morgan is an exorcist and demons are public. You even have societes that want to host demons, they are not allowed to posess people unless the people go through a strict procedure saying how that is what they want to do. Once they host demons, they are pretty much done with their lives. Well, in case demons to not heed the law, Morgan is called to exorcise them (and of course, she’s the best there is).

It all gets terribly complicated straight away in book one, when she gets posessed against her will, but being of very stubborn nature, the demon can’t do much. The complications arise when she finally realizes waht happened and it turns out demon kingdom is in a fight and the legitimate king is actually hiding in her. That is all the story I’m giving and that’s only the beginning of book 1. It gets much more interesting later and Morgan is a very complex character (that actually means, I’m still not understanding her completely). 🙂

The good news for me is I somehow missed there are now 5 books in the series (and the excerpts sound promising) so I’ll be getting the next two installments soon.

This probably sounded quite bizarre and my guess is most of you are thinking:”What in the world is she reading?” That would be urban fantasy but instead of vampires and werewolves, we have demons this time. And I haven’t even gotten to fairies yet…

Open mind people – you never know what is hiding in plain sight. 😉

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