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Charlaine Harris: Dead Reckoning

I don’t know what to think.

I love the fact that some of my favourite characters get to star in novel after novel but I also wish those novels would be on par with the beginning of the series.
I am not terribly happy with this installment of Sookie Stackhouse adventures, especially after having the series in my mind, which I have to admit that even though they don’t really stick to novels, are very well done in my opinion.

The moment that made most impact on me in the whole novel was the part where Sookie thinks about sins and says that she doesn’t think  a child molester and a person who doesn’t pay taxes make for equal sinners and goes on to say that you can’t choose what to obey when it comes to not sinning.
But I can’t help but agree that not all sins are equal and you aren’t supposed to choose yourself which sins you are going to commit, you’re supposed to do your best not to make them.
This is all in deliberation of what she is about to attempt and there might be some who might not agree with her thoughts. I can’t really say what my thoughts are on the subject as I’m having problems understanding Sookie’s character as it is. Although I’ve known this for some time now, I just don’t understand her frame of reference.

But that has nothing to do with how much I like the book. It’s just feels like taking advantage of the fact that series is so well known (not a new thing in the publishing world to be sure). I can’t seem to gather much enthusisasm about it. Yes, I read it as fast as I could as I love the series, and I will certainly buy the next one as soon as it’s out but it didn’t make me feel exhilarated and anticipating the next one as I feel good books should.

I sincerely hope this changes with the next one.

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