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Frond body wrap by Burren Perfumery

Yes, yes, I’ve been remiss in writing anything but here I am with something I’d like to share with you. I’ve been a huge fan of Burren perfumery ever since starting my perfumista journey. I like their perfumes but it’s actually their body products that I adore.

The last one on that list being Frond body wrap (Frond comes as edp as well but that’s less important now).lotion-frond

The important thing is how I smell after I shower and put on the Frond body lotion. It’s one of the more amazing body products I’ve tried in quite some time. In this case both because of the texture and smell.

First time I tried it I thought the smell was a bit too much. I have no idea what I was thinking then. 😉 OK, the smell is actually very strong but in my case I like it as I shower before going to bed so this comes as  my night perfume.

Here is what the Burren site says about it:

“A sophisticated, feminine perfume possessing warmth, sensuality and an underlying complexity. The freshness of cut grasses sharpens the rich scents of Wild Rose, Violet and Ylang Ylang with the soft Sandalwood base notes bringing depth and finish.”

In all honesty, that’s not exactly what I smell, or more precisely what you imagine when you read this is not what you smell for one simple reason – it smells like an old French perfume with one difference, it somehow smells clean at the same time. I’d swear there is some lavender hidden in there as well but you smell a slightly bitter floral bouquet which I find perfect for these hot summer nights we are having at the moment. Just the smell of this body wrap makes me feel cooler.

And now just to make you want it more, it is actually a wonderful body wrap, it makes your skin soft and it gives it a lasting moisturizing feeling. You actually get the best of both worlds, the perfume and a great body lotion.

No wonder I am in love with that lovely perfumery. So, if you’re interested, go check their site and you can follow them on Facebook.

Nivea In-Shower Body Milk

As you could have noticed by now, I really rarely talk about cosmetic products. It’s not that I don’t use them, it’s just that I find them all basically the same. Very rarely do I get surprised by any of them and feel that they need to be reviewed.nivea2

I admit, I am not a Nivea fan. Their facial products wreak havoc on my skin and I avoid them completely. I ended up with this in-shower milk because you got a shower gel for free with it, and my boyfriend always needs some.

I am now on my second bottle (this time the 400 ml one) of this in-shower milk (the blue one, for dry skin).

When they say in-shower milk, it’s exactly what they mean. I, for some reason, thought it was a shower gel that made your skin feel like you put lotion on it.

But no, it’s a body milk made to be used on wet, washed skin. You do your regular wash routine and then you apply the in-shower milk to your wet skin and rinse it off. All done!

For someone who needs to put something on my skin both evening and morning, this is a time-saver. I admit to being lazy and putting lotion after a shower requires much longer than putting this in shower. You just slather the in-shower milk while anything you apply to dry skin basically needs to be massaged in.

So, yes, my lazy self loves the fact that I save time because I put Nivea in-shower on me. 🙂nivea

We’re not having a winter now so I can live with the feeling this in-shower milk gives my skin but if it were really cold, I would need something stronger for my dry skin.

It’s probably going to be perfect in spring and summer. But I find it perfect for my lazy lifestyle already.

Am I being too harsh?

I don’t know how many of my readers are aware that I am a total cosmetics freak. It was my first love, I adore testing stuff and I’m always on the lookout to try something new.

But it hit me today when I was applying my perfectly ok face cream.
There aren’t that many cosmetic products that wow me.

Those that actually deliver what they promised, or work in a way that would make you notice.
And that is why I don’t talk much about them. Although I wish I would because that would mean there are some truly spectacular products out there available to everyone.
Because I don’t really like to pay a huge amount for a body cream. Or any kind of cosmetic product. Ok, so what I am willing to pay is huge to my mother, but when compared to other cosmetic prices out there, I consider myself rather conservative. 🙂

The last two things that worked really well for me were:

Afrodita Cinnamon AHA Forte Anti-cellulite cream – I don’t use it enough for an anti-cellulite effect to be noticeable but the AHA part works great.

And, a sample of Guerlain’s serum and cream that the most generous Birgit sent, but being me, I managed to forget the name, I only remember it was anti-age (and blue).
But worked wonders to make my inner radiance come out. 😉

So, what do you think about most cosmetic products you use? What really stood out lately?

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