Lindsey Pogue: The Darkest Winter

It’s been a while since I reviewed a book. 😀 A looong while.

I’ll skip the part where I consider the amount of fiction reading I do nowadays. Oh, how times change!

This is the first book in the new series called Savage North Chronicles that shares the universe of the series I followed and enjoyed very much (The Ending series), so I wanted to read it and now I want to talk about it.

The book actually hooked me from the start. You don’t have to wait long for the action to begin and then you realize that the story already got under your skin. Partly because you empathize with the tragedies that happen, and partly because you appreciate the fact that some people don’t lose their sense of humor in the most improbable of situations (like when 90% of Earth’s population is possibly dead).

As I already knew what the consequences for the survivors were from the previous books, I couldn’t wait to see what will be the abilities our little family of people (who we follow though the North) will develop. And I’m not happy that by the end of the book I’m only guessing what Jackson’s ability is. Probably wrongly at that. 😉

My favourite quote from the book is “A restless mind is a restless soul.” For someone whose mind is restless pretty much all the time, I can feel my restlessness transferring to different parts of me (although it’s great that yoga helps me with that).

The second thing that stuck to me is that “you  find people in your life when you need them”. Thinking about it I realized it was true for me as well.

I said that I got hooked into the book from the start so the end came too soon. 😀 I was enjoying myself as the story started developing in new directions, and suddenly, the end. I should have gotten used to books that are part of series ending like that, but it always catches me by surprise.

So now, I have to practice again something that doesn’t come easily to me – patience. 🙂

I love hearing your thoughts!

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