Perfume shopping in Zagreb – TOP

There is a new niche place to visit in Zagreb! 🙂 And, it’s one that is right on me routes around the town. The address being Tomiceva 4.

You can check their facebook site too.

It opened yesterday, when I learned about it from my Zagreb perfume crowd – so of course I went to check it out today.

The place is rather small and cosy (when compared to other niche destinations in Zagreb) and at the moment, you are greeted by Borut, the lovely SP who I first met at Viktor Koncept.

It might seem like there aren’t many lines there at the moment (the number will definitely grow once Croatia enters the EU) but I had to stop smelling at some point as my brain decided to process what I’ve smelled so far.

So, here are my reflections so far.

I am happy to say it seems L’Artisan’s Caligna will be available here (and I might get to try the tester even sooner, hopefully next week).

I finally got to test Blood Concept and even though I’m not sure I would wear any but my own group (A – strangely likeable) and realized again that I pretty much suck at rebus because I had to have the name +MA explained.

Also for the first time I tried A Lab on Fire perfumes – What We Do In Paris Is Secret is my favourite of the trio. The more I smell it, the more I fall in love. Well, I’m predisposed to it just by seeing the name. 😉 It is very romantic and seductive.

JHAG Mad Madame had the most intriguing opening and is the first JHAG perfume I liked from the start and the next time I’m there, I’ll give it some arm space (didn’t have any left today).

The more I smell Byredo line, the more I like them. I am not a fan of Inflorescense (or whatever is the name) but I quite like La Tulipe.

Of the LM Parfums I only tried O de Soupirs and I admit, it smelled much better on the blotter than on me.

A lovely surprise was Eight & Bob which I find a rather lovely concept and a perfume I will try at a later time when in passing.

So, from memory, here are the lines that can be found at TOP:

Juliette Has a Gun

Escentric Molecules

Parfum de Nicolai

Blood Concept

Naomi Goodsir

LM Parfums


Eight & Bob

A Lab on Fire

LaDuree Beaute

L’Artisan Parfumeur

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11 thoughts on “Perfume shopping in Zagreb – TOP

  1. lucasai May 14, 2013 at 21:44 Reply

    Great, have fun exploring the shop and here’s to hope you’ll have much more things to sniff there soon 🙂


    • Ines May 15, 2013 at 09:53 Reply

      Thanks Lucas! I hope so too. 🙂


  2. Asali May 14, 2013 at 22:18 Reply

    i’m looking forward to a personal tour of them all 🙂


  3. Undina May 15, 2013 at 09:05 Reply

    The more perfume shops, the merrier! I’m glad you’ll have one more watering (perfuming?) hole 🙂

    I also like the name WWDIPIS but haven’t had a chance to try it yet.


    • Ines May 15, 2013 at 09:55 Reply

      Couldn’t agree more! 🙂
      I look forward to trying WWDIPIS again – just to make sure it’s really that good.


  4. Joan May 16, 2013 at 02:25 Reply

    Oh wow! It sounds like Zagreb has some respectable perfume sellers!


    • Ines May 16, 2013 at 10:50 Reply

      Yes, it does seem so. 🙂 Makes me feel much better that the choice keeps expanding.


  5. Natalie May 17, 2013 at 14:53 Reply

    I’m glad to hear this news! 🙂 And that there will be a place for me to smell the new Byredo, as I haven’t yet.


    • Ines May 20, 2013 at 09:27 Reply

      Yes! And it’s so easily visitable as you pass by that street all the time while wondering around Zagreb.


  6. civava's parfumistasdiary May 26, 2013 at 17:51 Reply

    I’m convinced this info will force my ass to take a “long” trip from Ljubljana to Zagreb ;-).


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