James Rollins & Rebecca Cantrell: The Blood Gospel (The Order of the Sanguines series)

Seems I am not such a huge fan of Mr. Rollins as I realized this wasn’t a Sigma series book only after it downloaded to my Kindle and I opened it. 🙂 And I was wondering the whole time how come another author managed to cooperate with him on it. Now I know.

I enjoyed the book but I’m not so sure the ending couldn’t have been a bit better – I was a bit underwhelmed that I was going to have to wait for another book to see what happens next. Because in Sigma series, I get the feeling that the story of the particular book is sort of finished while here, even though there is a type of ending to it, I hated all the unfinished threads I wanted to know about which will possibly be handled in the next book. I’m guessing there will probably be more than one sequel so blood gospelnot all of my questions might get answered.

Generally speaking though, the idea is an interesting one and from the beginning I was already wondering what’s the deal with the priest that he is so obsessed with blood and seems to hate women. Both of those questions got answered. 🙂

I loved the description of the places where the story takes place – it really made me wish I could visit them myself (and as soon as possible).

I liked this quote particularly:

“The Church had many locks and many secrets to hide behind them…”

I believe that to be true in reality as well. One thing that is fascinating about this book is that at the same time it is both pro and contra Church. It is rather realistic in that regard.

In the end, I enjoyed it a lot even though I had many things I wished were done differently (not to say better). It is a typical Rollins action packed story with an interesting premise, albeit this time not believable. In the Sigma series I find the strange ideas around which the books are based seem rather possible. Not this time though.

Is it just me or do you also notice how many times in books things seem to happen conveniently for the characters? Never though when I’d like it to. 🙂

P.S. I just have to say I love it when historical persons make an appearance in a book of fiction because they fit into the story. 🙂 This time around it’s Rasputin and Elizabeth Bathory.


Pic taken from Goodreads James Rollins profile.

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