Kresley Cole: Shadow’s Claim

shadowsAarrrggghh! I finished it! 😦 I always feel like that after finishing a KC book. And I completely fell in love with Bettina and Trehan. Their story I mean. 😉

I now completely understand people who said this was their favourite book. There seems to be more mellowness in this book. Not to be confused with non-agression and lack of brutality. I mean, the Accession is under way after all.

But both Trehan and Bettina are somehow very loving people, Bett is after all very young and didn’t have time to grow bitter and cold and Trehan has spent a cold long life of Dacian princehood practically alone so it seems logical he would appreciate love.

I absolutely loved the part where Lothaire is giving him advice and orders on how to deal with his love life! 🙂 Lothaire of all people.

My favourite moments of the book is when Trehan is called Mr. Dacia which instantly went to Mr. Darcy in my head, some very good steamy scenes that make you fan your cheeks, and the banter between the two of them:

“Look at me, Bett! Look at me!” He cupped her paling cheeks, making her face him. “Breathe. Inhale, exhale.”

She squeezed her yes shut, gripping his shoulders, digging her nails into the muscle. !I’m supposed to take breathing advice… from someone who didn’t use his lungs… for centuries?”

Trehan being a vampire and therefore not needing to breathe until being blooded by his Bride. You can guess who that is. 😉

So they help each other find love and battle their own fears and demons. In the meantime, we have lots of fun.


Now, for the most important question – when is the next book coming out?!

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