Marilee Brothers: Moonstone series

It seems lately I’m reading YA novels which are fine and I go through them quickly, not because they are short, (well, they aren’t really long either) but because they are interesting even though they seem to have some things going against them. Well, for me at least.

So far, I’ve read the following four novels in the Moonstone series: Moonstone, Moon Rise, Moon Spun and Shadow Moon. And considering where Shadow Moon stopped, there will be at least one more book in the series.

Generally speaking, the series is easy and fun to read as the main character enjoys easy banter (and she’s very good at it). But the problem is that even when the situations are difficult and Allie faces trouble and death, it is hard to see those situations as such – they just don’t translate into something seriously important and dangerous. And I believe the idea is that they are supposed be.

Also, as with the other series I read recently (My Blood Approves) it seems the love stories are getting more and more platonic. I suppose it’s the Twilight phenomenon but honestly, I find it a bit strange.
Allie seems to have a boyfriend at all times but most what they do in a way of a relationship is share a kiss. Which really seems strange to me for a teenager of some 16 years with really hot boyfriends.  But what do I know what’s modern now for that age.
Or, is it the current political climate overseas influencing the steam level of teenage books? Because I am pretty sure I read some that weren’t as platonic.

The story seems to be easy to predict most of the time but there are some surprises. Though not enough to counteract the fact that the rest is predictable. šŸ™‚
The only unpredictable book for me was Moon Spun but for some reason that was also the one I had most problems finishing. The whole fae world and everything just felt completely unreal inside the story. Not that it wouldn’t fit the story, just that it was written in such a way that it somehow felt disconnected and again not really dangerous, even though fae people were killed during imprisonment and others might have gotten killed during the story.

In my opinion, the last book is the best one (even though predictable again) but still, it finally felt connected, easy to read and actively interesting.

I can’t help but wonder if the fact that authors are writing everything in series now waters down their stories. You know, series aren’t necessary if you can tell a good story in less than 4 not really  big books.
Although, I’m not sure how big the books are as I have them on my Kindle, but they didn’t seem long when I was reading them.
I seem to be in a rather critical mood these days. šŸ™‚
It’s just, I like this series so I can’t help but think if the story was a bit more condensed (and less predictable and less scattered at times) it would make for much better book(s).
Because the idea is really good and I like Allie and her mother. Her boyfriends I cannot understand at all though.

So, before you all go and think I didn’t like the series, on my scale of reading books straight or with pauses, I didn’t stop reading the series until I reached book 3, and once I finished that one, the Shadow Moon went by in one go.

P.S. I realize I didn’t say anything about the actual story. šŸ˜€ Well, the story is interesting as we have warring witch factions, fae coming into the story, some seriously scary powers being unlocked through the moonstone and good looking boyfriends (some of which aren’t completely human).

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