M.J.Rose: In Session

This is a short story collection I am very happy to have stumbled upon because it features several characters whohave series of their own but are brought together in these stories in order for the book to promote and support David Baldacci’s Wish You Well Foundation, which supports family literacy.

Of the characters, I’ve only read Jack Reacher novels. His story in the book is called Knowing You’re Alive where he helps Dr. Snow (whose series I now want to read very, very much) wait for the ambulance and police after a bombing by telling her a story.
Bear in mind that Dr. Snow is a sex therapist so all the stories concern the topic.

I’ve read Steve Berry’s The Romanov Prophecy, but Cotton Malone somehow escaped me, so now I got to know this bookstore owner (now, of course he wasn’t that before), I want to know more about his adventures.

There is one more character appearing in the stories that Dr. Snow talks to (not in the capacity as a sex therapist with any of them, it’s just her nature to look at people like that) is John Rain – a character by an author I’ve never had any contact with before – Barry Eisler.
John Rain is an assassin but I believe that is the most visible thing he is – it seems he is a  mystery waiting to be unraveled by an avid reader (like me). 🙂

I’m very much looking forward to getting to know all these characters better thanks to these stories.

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