Tess Gerritsen: The Silent Girl

I thought it was only perfumes, but it seems to now apply to books I read as well. I want to talk about them and my mind is full of ideas, but when it comes to writing them down, nothing smart comes out.  Well, nothing even remotely close to what is in my head at least.

I really should learn how to turn my thoughts into better stories. I’m sure there are workshops that can teach you that (I mean, nowadays there are workshops for practically anything).

So, this is the latest in the Isles & Rizzoli series. Btw, both Rizzoli and Isles from the TV series weren’t even close to what I imagined them in my mind, but I can work with Rizzoli actress. I like the way she looks and portraits Rizzoli. The Isles actress is not as strong and cool as the real Maura Isles from the books (at least from my perspective).

One thing I realized about Tess Gerritsen’s writing when it comes to this series is, that lately (I don’t remember that was happening in the beginning), there seem to be mythical/fantastic parts of the story creeping in but I know that in the end all that will have a realistic explanation. And it always does.
The best thing about it though, is that I can’t guess the explanation. πŸ™‚ Or, who did it. Or, when it seems all clear, something new gets added. Absolutely thrilling!
And I do mean that. I’ve read enough crime stories and thrillers that when I watch TV,  I know who is the killer just watching the movie/series for 5 minutes.
So a book where I think I know, only to be proven wrong, and then I seem to be right but for all the wrong reasons, and I completely miss one of the biggest mysteries that gets explained in the end, well, I think those are the traits of a truly great storyteller. πŸ™‚

And as you might have learned by now, I’m not going to go into describing the story. I’ll just say that from my perspective, the Silent girl from the title, is the one I forgot about keeping track but who kept the story together and was silent for decades.

P.S. Please, don’t start reading the series from this book, start at the beginning.

P.P.S I spend so much money on books, I do wish someone somewhere would feel sorry for me and send some over (of the kind I usually read). πŸ™‚
Was that very selfish to wish for?

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2 thoughts on “Tess Gerritsen: The Silent Girl

  1. Beauty and the Scientist September 7, 2011 at 06:47 Reply

    I love Tess Gerritsen novels.


  2. Ines September 7, 2011 at 21:34 Reply

    always glad to hear there are more of us. πŸ™‚


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