Tebe hair products

Most of my friends know how much I love cosmetic products and trying new things. That is how I came by Tebe shampoo and conditioner.

I don’t talk much about cosmetic products on my blog, but sometimes, discovering something that really exceeds my expectations, I need to spread the word. 🙂

I’m not really sure about the availability of Tebe products, it’s a New Zealand based company and they seem to me like a well kept secret.
They also have a special line of products based on olive oil, and this is their description of Tebe line.

“Tebe’s products are made from a carefully selected blend of natural and organic plant extracts and oils, balanced to enhance and protect all skin types. The olive leave extract found in Tebe products is a powerful anti-oxidant. Tebe will nurture and protect your skin, leaving it feeling smooth and conditioned.”

I absolutely love the hair products, they don’t dry out my hair (it’s dry enough due to coloring), instead, I can feel under my fingers that it’s hydrated at the time of washing and once it dries off, it isn’t as dry as usual and has this amazing shine.

I should also state now that I use Moroccan oil regularly but I did that with my last hair products and the result wasn’t as healthy and shiny as with these.
I definitely plan on buying these for myself once I finish my fast depleting duo.

Here is a link to Simunovich Olive Estate site where all their products are listed.

P.S. I also have to add that the family is originally from Croatia (the island of Brac). 🙂

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