Stephanie Laurens: The Brazen Bride (Black Cobra Quartet)

I’m almost at the end of the Black Cobra quartet, this was book 3 and I’m currently reading book 4. I must say I think the series is improving with each book (I was a bit sceptical with the first book).
Here we follow the story of  Logan who is shipwrecked on hir return journey from India and Linnet (who is a redhead which made me instantly like her) who nurses Logan to health.

Maybe this is a good time to say there are possible spoilers ahead. 🙂

Linnet is really for me even more an intriguing female character than what is usual in Mrs Laurens’ novels. Of course they are all strong, intelligent and as successful as can be for that time period, and most of them discard intelligently the society’s notions of what a proper lady should behave like.

And then we meet Linnet who is even more modern than what we encountered so far. She really is brazen for that age but at the same time she had a life full of interesting happenings and is ready to take on life fully which is manifested at the beginning of the book.

I really liked this book and the honesty with which both Logan and Linneth approach their emotions and their relationship.

Of course, by the end of the book, the plot thickens and I’m eagerly anticipating the end of the quartet as evidenced by the fact that I immediately started on book 4 after finishing this one.

On an end note, I’m comparing this one with the book 4 and I’m very happy to say that the love story unfolds mush slower (the sexual part) in book 4 than in The Brazen Bride where it starts right from the beginning (not that I minded it in the least, I love the steamy scenes Mrs Laurens writes). What makes me happy and devotee of SL novels for life is that the love stories never unfold similarly.

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