James Rollins: Excavation

It’s fun when you go back to the beginning of a writer you really like and you realize, he also learned to write better with time. 🙂
If this were my first James Rollins novel, I’m not really sure if I would have continued reading him. This way, I got introduced to him through the Sigma series (which I love) so I can look on Excavation as the trial and practice it took for him to get where he is now.

The story is set in the Andes where archeologists are looking for clues as to a previous race inhabiting the same place where Incas lived. Anyway, without getting too much into the story, all kind of discoveries are made and the beginning of incredible stories that will later appear in Rollins’ novels are here but just not as well developed as in Sigma.

It took me a bit longer than  usual to get through it – it’s not bad but it’s just not very believable or very gripping. It’s more like an action movie with bad actors trying to convince us that their cheesy dialogues are serious and the whole plot is terribly tense and serious and all you can think of is that’s it is too funny how they try and fail miserably. It’s still fun but because it’s funny to watch the failure not because it’s supposed to funny. This sounds complicated even to me and I know what I was trying to say. 🙂 Did I lose you with this explanation?

The point is, if you are interested in James Rollins, start with Sigma and once you are done with that, consider if you really love Mr. Rollins enough to brave his earlier work. 🙂

And before you start thinking I think it’s a really bad book, it isn’t. It’s just nowhere near to what he writes now.

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