The scent of a ballerina?

I always get surprised by how many different information I acquire while in my pursuit of new scents and their histories.
It seems the one I want to talk about today was done in the memory of balet heroine Giselle (of course, here is where my knowledge is lacking so I had to google it). Anyway it seems that’s a really demanding role and therefore highly sought after.
I kept thinking (before I googled it) that if this is a scent in memory of a ballerina that they might have missed their mark. Because it is very soft and feminine and ballerina’s don’t really evoke soft and feminine with their graceful bodies with absolutely no fat deposits. But, Giselle is another story.

I seem to be still channeling all the summer notes because I sniffed this and what came out of my pen was – warm, flowery and vanillic with exotic fruit hints. Like coconut and pineapple with tuberose.

Here are the notes: ylang-ylang, cinammon, freesia, jasmine, tuberose, vanilla, coconut, caramel, honey and musk.

I can’t say I smelled cinammon, my guess is it is what’s keeping all the sweetness at bay. Or at least tampered, it’s not exactly at bay. 🙂 But I still like it very much. It’s like the epitome of femininity without anything sticking out of the composition. I kept wondering what would a guy smelling this on a girl think? I will try it out on my boyfriend.

Some 2 hours later, some of that musk peeks out and disappears thank god, because it’s the kind of musk that goes shrill on me.
And then it’s sweet caramel drydown. You know, I would never have guessed it reminded me of caramel, even though it strongly reminded me of something and I know why. I would say that if it’s caramel like it falls into the gourmand category but that’s not how I read it. It falls into the warm, soft, pastel-colored cashmere sweater category. Something to wear when you feel mellow and loving towards the world.
I guess we could all feel like that more often.

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