Sherrilyn Kenyon: Chronicles of Nick, Infinity

Well, I can certainly count on Sherrilyn Kenyon for some good paranormal action. This one is YA but once you get hooked on an author, it doesn’t matter what type of book comes out if it’s on the level with previous ones. Ok, so I don’t love all of her books but I did enjoy many of the Dark Hunters books to keep on buying them and enjoying them.
And that brings me to Nick Gautier. I saw some reviews before I got my hands on my copy and most of the problems reviewers had with this book was lack of knowledge about the world where all this is happening. It is very true. While reading, I kept thinking how I know all the characters already Kyrian, Acheron, Simi, Nick’s mother, all the different paranormal factions, who squires are, etc.
I can see how it might detract from a complete reading experience.
Before you continue reading, some spoilers are ahead.

The Dark Hunter books are set in real time (I mean when they come out, that’s approximately the time they are happening). We get to know Nick as a grown man (not very grown, but no longer a teenager). And stuff happens to him in those books.

Here, we follow Nick when he is 14. I for one, couldn’t have guessed what Mrs Kenyon was going to do with the fact that it’s Nick’s childhood and I’m a bit scared where she’s going with it.
Because, you see, Nick is reaching through his adult persona (who is terribly powerful and can tip the balance of the world) to his teenage self in the hope of changing his own future. I love the premise because I know why would he want to do that and it will make his teenage life that much more interesting, but what happens to the world where Nick’s childhood is changed and all the Dark Hunter stories are already written and have happened. You change the life of one person and inevitably, everyone that person is connected to has to feel the backlash. So, that is what I’m scared of but I’m keeping my hopes up. So far I was never disappointed by Ms Kenyon (I could do with her characters not having to suffer so much but those are her stories to tell after all).

Now I’m off to check when is the  next Nick installment coming out. 🙂

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