Rick Riordan: Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian

I have to admit, I kept postponing reading this book because I thought it wasn’t going to be that interesting (I kinda got that idea after finishing book 4). I was wrong. It was exactly the opposite of what happened with Keri Arthur in my previous post.

The action started right from the beginning, and Percy is 16 now (I think) so the tone is not light-hearted and people start getting killed from the get-go.
The story revolves around the prophecy that on his 16 birthday, a hero (child of an olympian god and mortal) will have to make a choice that will either destroy the Olympian gods or not. I won’t give details what else was missing from the prophecy in the previous books.
Anyway, I couldn’t guess where the story was going to go and especially how it was going to end. Ok, I could have guessed they were going to defeat the Titan Kronos but that is what everyone knew.

What I found interesting was that the end came with the possibility of some other important quests in the future. Now that I read this last installment, I’m actually happy with that possibility.

I hate it when I have an idea about what the book is going to be like and it’s obviously wrong. How many other books have I missed out on like that?

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