Laurell K. Hamilton: Danse Macabre

Is it just me, or do other people get lost among the titles of Hamilton’s books? I mean this one and the last two (I’m not including Micah here) get mixed up in my mind. Oh well.
I’m behind writing about the books again (vacation will do that to you – make you lazy I mean). So today I want to go through those I read  and then it feels like I’ll be able to retain my writing schedule – I read a book and I can write about it.
Danse Macabre is the book where a vampire dancing troupe comes to St Louis to visit along with other Masters of City who want to offer people to Anita to choose another pomme de sang (apple of blood even though she is not that kind of vampire). You get a lot of vampire politics, machinations, metaphysical surprises (which are almost by definition related to sex), some gay sex with Anita at the same time (so be warned). The one thing that I remember this book by the most is the part where Asher and Anita  are not allowed to have sex alone after it. I won’t say why now, if you read it you’ll know, if you didn’t, it’s better like this.

One thing I realized while re-reading this series is that it’s really not in the author’s/series’ best interest when you have to wait for a year to read the next one because you just forget so much. And reading through the progression of Anita’s powers (not just the ardeur) and reading a bit interviews with LKH, made me realize that Anita’s world was always about violence and sex even though at the beginning it might not have appeared so much in the novels. But I think the idea was always there for LKH. And if you are a prude, these books are so not for you (Danse Macabre is the book that will make you figure out if you aren’t sure). 🙂

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