Laurell K. Hamilton: Blood Noir

First time around I thought this book was kind of plotless. Now I’m wondering how in the world did I get to that? Probably because it felt it was just Anita and Jason visiting his dying father and getting tangled up in his childhood problems because of a really big wedding starring a guy who looks exactly like Jason. Which of course leads to a whole bunch of problems on top of which Marmee Noir makes a surprise visit out of which Anita comes out with a new animal to call and loss of memory. Richard also makes an appearance, again causing problems for everyone but at least he gets to lose Anita’s rage he inherited through the triumvirate and Anita learns how to feed ardeur through something else than just sex.

You know, there is a lot of parts in all the books when Anita is trying to explain metaphysics and magic to people (usually police) who are not sensitive and cannot imagine what it is like.  That also serves as a good reminder that the readers might have problems with getting the idea but I cannot say I had that problem. I just accept whatever comes up as the part of the world in which Anita lives. Although sometimes I do wish people around her wouldn’t get that terribly hurt (including her).

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2 thoughts on “Laurell K. Hamilton: Blood Noir

  1. Sweet Vernal Zephyr November 8, 2010 at 20:47 Reply

    Ms. Hamilton seems to love to bring Anita and/or her loved ones to the brink of death every time.I thought this one started out sweet and them morphed into classic Anita Blake. It's probably a good thing the orgy didn't get described though. That would have been too much.My review is up too, here.Miranda


  2. Ines November 9, 2010 at 11:39 Reply

    SVZ, that's the honest truth. Anita and her loved ones get hurt all the time. :)I don't know if I should warn you, but the orgy in Bullet gets described quite well. I'm off to check your review.


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