Laurell K. Hamilton: Burnt Offerings

I know, I know. You all wish I’d read something else for a change. 🙂 I wish it too. I just can’t seem to stop but I think I will as soon as sex becomes the main story. It still hasn’t.

In this book, Jean Claude and Anita get into a lot of trouble with the vampire council (they are some really nasty vampires and they rule) so there is torture and part of the story are not for the weak of heart. I mean, I remember being quite shocked with stuff Mrs. Hamilton put her characters through and I know I was reading complete fantasy. It’s just nasty. I do wonder what LKH has against her female heroines (I’m including Merry Gentry here as well). I mean, the s..t just keeps piling higher and higher on them – there is no break from it. Ok, there probably is some months in between the stories but it doesn’t feel so to Anita, so it doesn’t feel so to me either.

Now that I’m going through the series a second time, I cannot but help wonder how strong a character Anita Blake is that she feels like a real person and I view her so in my reviews.

Anyway, the book is about the council visit (not all of them, just an envoy) and they come unannounced. Really bad. And it just goes downhill from there. At the same time, police is asking Anita for some advice and we learn what is Inferno for the vampires. Among other things. The triumvirate is needed to save the day and some serious political and diplomatic manouvering. Some nice twists to the plot, and Asher arrives on the scene. 🙂

In the end, you know it has to end as Anita’s side being the winning. Btw, I shouldn’t forget to mention her hospital stay this time around. I will take care and try to find a book where Anita doesn’t get physically hurt – is there one? I don’t know.

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