I’ve been thinking…

At the moment I have no perfume to review and no books/authors to write about. Soon, but not today.

I don’t know if this happens to anyone else but I find it annoying and strange. Over these Christmas days I didn’t have neither the time nor the will to concentrate on smelling something new and interesting (or just new, or just interesting) so I didn’t. Then as the new week started yesterday, I wanted to go on with all those wonders of samples I have everywhere, so I did. And what happens?! A complete fiasco. My nose and my brain seem to have lost the connection. It is like I’m a beginner once more (ok, so I’m not really far down the road, but I’m not at the beginning either). This has already happened before – right after I came from summer vacation. There seems to be a break where once was a way. It will probably take 2 or 3 days for me to get back on track, but what I find annoying is that it happens. Does this happen to anyone else?
So, yesterday I wanted to begin smelling the color series by DSH and I start with Quinacridone Violet and I got everything mixed (the fruit in the opening) and then I see the list of notes, and I realize there is so much happening in what I’m smelling and I can smell it happening, I just can’t seem to verbalize it. In any manner. 😦
Then I went on with Estee Lauder’s Jasmine White Moss. I already smelled it before when I got the sample but since it was lying near and I saw it mentioned on MUA, I went to check it again. And this time I smelled much more than the initial time, but all I could say is after is that it would be nice to own a decant of this. Depressing really what time away from concentrated sniffing can do to me…
Well, that too shall pass.
I don’t know what you are going to be doing this New Year’s Eve but I’m really only up to enjoying champagne in front of the TV. And it seems that is what I’ll be doing together with my boyfriend. Everyone I talk to these days is pretty much thinking the same. What about you?
This has been a difficult year, to finish off a difficult decade and I hope what awaits us in the years to come brings more light and joy to the world. The world deserves it.
Picture is mine.


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