DSH round-up (so far)

I’ve been wanting to write this for days but it’s pre-Christmas time and free time usually dwindles to non-existant in that period (at least for me). 🙂

When I ordered last from DSH site, I didn’t realize I actually ordered so many samples. I was a bit surprised when I started unpacking them but I’m not complaining – there will be things to try and try and try… 🙂

So, let’s start:

Silver Fir

I actually had a couple of samples that I almost thought had mixed labels. 🙂 This was one of them. It is the season so I smelled several fir scents lately when this one came along and in the opening instead of fir, I got citrusy fresh opening. 🙂 I was wondering what was happening and then I took a look at the notes and realized I could smell the spearmint and grapefruit/bergamot. 🙂 Then this went through a phase that was a strange sweet vanilla? which I didn’t like and subsided into a lovely drydown.


Top notes: Spice Notes

Middle notes: Fir Needle, Spruce

This was the other scent I had on my other wrist and the one that made me think someone mixed the labels because I got a strong fir note from this. I thought I was smelling lavender and rosemary at the beginning but then realized it was probably me mixing it with fir scent. 🙂 I mix notes a lot in my head.

I really liked this one because once the fir subsides what you are left with is the atmosphere of the name. Very appropriate – like having a party around a Christmas tree, one where you smell sexy. Incredible really how she managed that.

Winter White

Top notes: Raspberry

I wasn’t exactly thrilled with opening of this one – reminded me of marzipan and flowers. I guess that can be attributed to the white chocolate (which I’m not a fan of in real life) and raspberry combo. Later, the chocolate was nice but the whole idea is too powdery for me and I’m not really into that. It’s not too much though and I will wear my sample because the chocolate ends up smelling great. And calory-free. 😉


Cookies, cookies, cookies. Here in Croatia (and around) we have soft cakes that are made of some kind of thin sponge cake, with orange jelly covered in chocolate (jaffa cakes). I don’t think there is any ginger in those but the opening of this reminded me strongly of that. No wonder, mandarin, ambrette and cocoa. It starts a bit alcoholic and herbal sweer and then I get my jaffa cake association. This one is as edible as they get and totally yummy. I would never have guessed I would contemplate wearing something that reminds me of food so strongly and smelling like cookies, but you never know what awaits you around the corner. 🙂 Anyway, I will smell like Gingembre this Christmas but not of cookies all the time, some clove, and labdanum and sandal as well.

Piment and Chocolat

This is definitely my favorite of today’s round-up. I cannot describe it in words that will bring this forth as it deserves. I already mentioned it the other day and I need to repeat that. This is thick, dark, hot chocolate mixed with chili to better warm you up when you drink it, only this one will be drunk through the nose and enjoyed guilt-free. If nothing else of the ones I mentioned today – try this one.


I will have to give more nose-time to this one. I got the bergamot and cinammon but I kind of spaced out on the rest and just the list of notes makes me wonder how in the world did I manage to skip through the rest. So, no actual thoughts on this one yet, sorry.

On to the last two I thought got mixed up as well.

Three Kings

There is no listing for this on the DSH site. So, no notes for this. I thought it was going to smell like myrhh and incense (in the very hard to breathe church way) but I was completely wrong.

It smells more green and sharp – ish, I thought I got some smoke/incense but couldn’t be sure (it was wafting barely through). My thought on notes ran like this: vetiver and benzoin?, perhaps labdanum, galbanum and oakmoss maybe, I think something smells celery like. 🙂

We’ll see eventually how wrong I was. 🙂

Twelfth Night

Middle notes: Laurel Leaf, Patchouli

As you can see by the notes, this one has the notes I thought Three Kings should have. 🙂 I thought I smelled vetiver but realized that could be the patchouli + laurel combination. And I could smell myrhh and incense. It’s not a happy and festive scent like those mentioned before but it is interesting.

It’s incredible how DSH can evoke specific feelings/atmosphere and still manage to make one long to wear such a scent.

Some I love completely, some I like in the beginning and some I like in the drydown more. But there is something to like in all of them. I just have to say I think that is some great talent Ms Hurwitz has.

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3 thoughts on “DSH round-up (so far)

  1. Your review read like a recipe. I keep smiling with delight at things said like cookies, cookies, cookies and marzipan but I love the near tender way you struggled when describing 'Piment and Chocolat.' Then when you find the words you are near romanti in your explanation.Thanks for sharing your samples with me.Warmest regards,Simone.


  2. Ines December 22, 2009 at 14:15 Reply

    Thank you Simone. :)I am very happy I was able to discover DSH scents that seem perfect for this time of year and at the same time make you smile in wonder and happiness.I hope you have a lovely Christmas!


  3. […] that evoke such sweet and spicy things – Spiriteuese Double Vanille (review by Olfactoria), Piment et Chocolat, and basically any warm vanilla or warmy spicy oriental (some ideas would be welcome on this part […]


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