Wow: Keri Arthur, Riley Jenson series

Whew! I’m reallyy glad the latest book from the series Bound to Shadows is behind me. I made a mistake of reading Keri Arthur’s site where she said that some people are not happy with the way things turned out. Since I already had some questions regarding ends of Riley’s novels when the series started, I though, Oh shit, what happens now?! I mean I kept thinking (and reading) in the novels that Fate has it in for Riley. And she really does. I do hope Keri Arthur plans to make it up to her (Riley) at some point.

Btw, I wonder how come Riley has two different surnames? Up to now I wasn’t sure I remembered it correctly each time as Jenson or Jensen (and now, every book listed by Amazon has it as Jensen even though the book cover they have is the same as mine ) but on my copy of the book it’s Riley Jenson and on Arthur’s site it is Jenson everywhere. Strange…

Anyway, on to the book. Riley is a Guardian which means she works for an organization that keeps order among non-human populations (she herself is a dhampire – half werewolf half vampire). And she is one hot dhampire. 🙂 She’s been having problems of different kind all through the novels, one of which is her love life which seemed relatively fine (finally) until this book came along. I don’t want to give any spoilers to people who haven’t read and might give it a try, but the love of Riley’s life is a vampire (he has her heart), but as she is half werewolf as well, it means she is bound to have a soulmate as well. Which is a problem if your heart wants one guy and your soul yearns for someone else. While chasing bad guys around. 🙂

After reading the book, I can say I’m not one of those who is unhappy with the way things turned out. I was totally scared it might end differently in a way that I wouldn’t like. For me, it’s exactly as it should be, I for one can’t imagine it ending differently. I’m not sure how many books are there going to be in the series but I for one am voting to give Riley some slack. 🙂 Please?

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