WoW: Stephanie Laurens, Bastion Club

I finally finished yesterday the last book in the Bastion club series, Mastered by Love, the one dealing with the mysterious Dalziel (turns out he’s the Duke of Wolverstone – such a cool name). Anyway, there’s a new series by Mrs. Laurens in the making and I can’t wait to get my hands on that as well, since the Cynster series is coming to an end as well. Well, SL (in this case Stephanie Laurens and not Serge Lutens) is quite proliferous so I’m not scared there won’t be more of the same type of historical romance I got used to reading from her. 🙂

She’s definitely one of my favorite historical romance writers (more will be featured in WoW as I go through them). Like I was saying the other day with Mary H. Clark, all novels follow the same structure but when you know what to expect and enjoy it, well, it is certainly fun to read them. My expectations are not big for such type of romance and I cannot understand all those people who get upset because sometime the writer is not up to the level of the previous book for example. I don’t understand such strong feelings regarding this type of literature but hey, I usually don’t get too upset in my life as a general rule (could be because I’m an Aquarian).

Anyway, I got my dose of steamy sex scenes, fun conversations, some crime and one-upping men (love that part). Although it’s always about partnership in relationships. That’s why she is one of my favorites among many I have read (some tend to talk about partnership but it leans more toward male partnership, that’s why I’m no longer interested in Johanna Lindsey although I still do read her novels as well).
The Bastion Club is a series revolving around men who were British spies during Napoleon wars and are now back and trying not to get caught in marriage by tonnish mamas. Eventually, of course they all fall in love but have a slightly hard time convincing their chosen brides they should marry them. 🙂

Now, I’m very much looking forward to Black Cobra quartet by SL – first novel will be out at the end of October. Yeey!

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