WoW: Mary Higgins Clark

I read this week Clark’s “Nighttime is my time” although unfortunately in Croatian, not in original (I borrowed it in a library so my mum could read it as well). I won’t go into detail about the translation and typos because in that case it would seem the book wasn’t good when it actually was a typical MHC read, which is what I was looking for. A good suspense to relax me.

Of course, there’s always someone dying and the main character almost dies in every of her novels but gets saved in the nick of time, and there’s always a budding romance between the characters colored by suspicion because they are never sure if maybe the potential partner is the killer (but of course, that never happens even though the evidence might suggest different throughout the novel leading one to doubt whether the accusations are true or not).

The good thing though is I couldn’t tell who is the killer. Perhaps if I had given the whole plot more thought, and not have gone blindly through the novel, then maybe I could have guessed – this way, I just couldn’t be sure. This being a psychological suspense, it is supposed to make you wonder.

What I like about MHC is that her novels seem well, possible. As if they could have happened, or like a news article you read at the end of a police case, but here you have a full story. She’s one of those authors whose books I just need to make sure I haven’t already read and I just take them with me because I know what to expect and I know I won’t be disappointed. 🙂
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