Summer swimming among books

Hello everyone – I’m finally back! 🙂 Well, I’ve been back for a week now though it already feels more like I never left. I would never have guessed how much work can suddenly appear the moment I return from my vacation… Besides, it wasn’t possible for me to write last week – I had to do something about my blonde hair before returning here (sun and the sea do turn me into a blonde each year). So, now I’m a redhead again and have a little bit of time to share my summer memories.
I managed to read more books than I thought I would, but less than I wanted to. Around 12-13. Not sure at the moment. I have to say that James Rollins and R.E. Feist head the list of my top reads lately. I love them both, especially Rollins because you can actually learn a lot from his books. And it’s all fun. 🙂 I highly recommend it to all who read Dan Brown and thought: “Oh, I’d like some more of this!” or “This is awful, I expected so much more!”. James Rollins is so much more and in somewhat the same manner. Do give him a try. 🙂

Some of the more memorable days this summer was a visit to Jablanac, a town nobody really cares much about because the ferry will take to the island of Rab from there, so everyone just goes on. We spent a lovely afternoon there, taking a stroll and visiting one of the more famous coves in Croatia: Zavratnica. I didn’t know there was a sunken ship there (you might see some contours on the photo).

The photo of Jablanac harbor:

Entry to Zavratnica:

The contours of the ship:

Leaving island of Pag for mainland (on the ferry):

That’s it from me today. No perfume related thoughts – they are to come later in the week (thoughts on Boadicea line).

Btw, since I returned it feels like I lost my ability to differentiate between smells properly. Is it possible beacuse I rested my nose for almost 3 weeks, it will take some exercising it now?

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