My old/new singer infatuation

I am no longer a teenager (for quite a while) but it seems I never grew out of the “falling in love with someone I never met” (actor, singer…). It no longer happens that often, but I do get hit sometimes and well, I try not to sigh too much and too loud while watching videos. 🙂

It happened first with Darren Hayes a long time ago when he was still part of Savage garden and then a few years ago when I heard the Lady of the sea by Seth Lakeman. Feel free to click on the videos link and at the bottom of the list you can watch the video for the Lady of the sea. And maybe you will understand. Just the song and his voice were enough to make my knees go weak and then I saw the video. That is just plain mean. There is nothing sexier than a good looking singer whose lyrics speak straight to your heart.

The reason I am talking about him today is the fact that he has a new album Poor man’s heaven out and I just saw and heard the first song from it, the Hurlers so I went back to the original infatuation video and renewed the love. Well, renew might imply I actually did it consciously as opposed to, having no choice in reality. 🙂 I wish he’d come and sing in Croatia..

So, if you have a few spare minutes, go and listen. And tell me what you think. And what you think might be the perfume for this dark, sexy, green-eyed (I’m not sure if they are green or maybe blue, but I like green more) singer…

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P.S. No, my boyfriend does not read my blog (his choice). 🙂

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