Christian Lacroix Absynthe Avon

It seems I’ve been buying more bottles as the recession keeps getting stronger. 🙂 I have a strange way of reacting to it. Gaia, the non-blonde had a nice post on the subject of lipstick effect of recession.

Anyway, to get to my review of the day, one of those bottles was Absynthe. This is not the first Avon perfume I bought, but of the last 5 purchases of Avon perfumes, this is the one I’ll keep (I gave the others away).

Official notes are: top-anise, absynthe extract, freesia, middle – orchid, floral notes, narcissus absolut, saffron, base – woodsy notes, myrhh, musk, amber, antique wood and ebony wood.

I have never tried or smelled absynthe but from what I read about it, I can definitely say that you can imagine its smell from the first sniff of the Absynthe. It seems people describe the smell of absynthe as anisic, herbal/medicinal with a slight lemon balm hint. Well, the initial blast of Absynthe brings you anise and the sweet, slightly herbal whiff of it combined with a liquorish scent of what would be absynthe extract and all of it balanced with freesia. The smell feels full without actually being heavy on the senses. It is defined as aromatic, but I can’t honestly say that I would term it so because it balances somewhere between sweet, aromatic and floral. 🙂 That is really not a helpful statement. The thing is I really don’t like sweet scents and although there is sweetness here it is not too much for me because it is underscored with herbal tones.

The package and the bottle are green and aptly so, seeing the smell feels green as well. I can’t tell that the middle tones take the front at some point in time, the initial blast of sweet, herbal anise and absynte extract is somewhat dissipated but it remains there until the drydow. I was wondering actually what does orchid smell like in perfume? Because the orchids I tried smelling here do not give off any kind of smell. Anyway, to get back to Absynthe, getting to drydown, first I get a slight resinous smell which is then combined with all those woody notes. I love the drydown, it smells a lot like Feminite du Bois by Shiseido, sensuous resinuous-woody smell I like very much.

I am happy now that I bought this one even after all those unsuccessful tries before. There was a note in all of them that was so shrill to my nose that I just lost everything else that was in their perfumes and the note stayed in my nose for too long. I have the same problem with some of Estee Lauder’s scents but I haven’t figured out what exactly it is yet.

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