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And the winners are…




Congratulations! 🙂

Suzanne gets Parfum de Therese, and SallyM and Anna in Edinburgh get Cuirelle and Dries Van Noten respectively (since they didn’t state their preference). Plus the chocolate.

And, as there were only 7 participants in the giveaway, and all were interested in chocolate, feel free to send your addresses as well, and some Croatian chocolate will find their way to your doorstep! 😉

Thank you all for celebrating with me! 🙂

Brave New Scents – Winners!

First I want to thank everyone for participating. 🙂

These are the most visited draws on my blog so far. 🙂

And here are the winners:

 Carmine by Christi Meshell goes to – FLAVOURFANATIC (I hope you’re having a great time in Greece). 🙂

And Avalon by Ambrosia Jones goes to – a.k.a. WARUM (Pacific coast midnight was lucky for you). 🙂

Please contact me with your addresses so I can forward them on.

The winners of Vitriol

I don’t use random.org, I put names on pieces of paper and take them out of a bag (box, whatever container I can find). 🙂

So, the 2 lucky winners of small decants are Lindaloo and Undina.

And a sample goes to Diana. 🙂

Congratulations! And please now contact me with your addresses. Thanks everyone for participating.

The winner of the give-away…

is KathyT. Congratulations!

Please contact me with your address so I can send the decants. 🙂

And since this time there were many more participants than usual, I have a consolidation prize of a set of samples to give to another lucky participant – Beautiful Things.

So, please send your address too. 🙂

And the winners are…

Since it seems the Random.org requires payments now (at least I wasn’t able to find a free version), I did this the old fashioned way, putting names in a bag and taking two out:

1. La Bonne Vivante
2. Beautiful Things

You won samples of Puredistance I so please contact me with your addresses. 🙂
Hope you enjoy them.

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