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Trish Milburn: White Witch

I wonder why is YA literature so tempting and interesting?
Once you start reading YA novels, it’s really easy to get sucked into that teenage world full of strong emotions and instant decisions that always seem monumental. 🙂

Sometimes I wish I would feel again such strength of conviction and emotion. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy some YA novels.
And I really enjoyed this one. 🙂

The good thing is, it’s only the first in three. The bad news is, there doesn’t seem to be much information on when the others are coming out. Or any. The really bad news is that by the time next book comes out, I’ll forget most of what happened in this one.

But let me say something about the book.
I love the new witch angle – that the covens are secret and some time ago got their powers from evil sources so they are all evil now. And we get enough proof of that – but basically, it’s again all about power, having it, maintaining it and getting more of it.

Jax is not yet 17 (when according to bad witch lore she would come into her full powers) but she manages to run away from her coven in order not to lead the evil life they will make her lead.
And this is where the story starts and gets interesting with hunters hunting the supernatural beings (and of course, who gets to fall in love?), with high-school problems, meeting a best friend, fighting off some bad stuff and looking for a way out of the life on the run.
All this is done very nicely, the pace is quick and you get pulled into the story without having to concentrate. Of course, it follows a traditional YA approach but in a novel enough manner.

I wish the sequel would come out soon as I really enjoyed reading White Witch.

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