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Veni, Vidi, Vici – and I’m conquered

If it’s going to take me this long to write future reviews, I’ll be posting one every quartal. 🙂

It took me a long time to decide to finally post my thoughts on these three as I like them a lot but didn’t feel I could describe them fairly enough.  Soon there won’t be anything left to test so I better tell you now what I think of them:

Here is the quote from Histoires de Parfums site:

Veni represents the earth, which in many ways still remains a mystery to us. It is nurturing as much as it is wild, forcing us to keep our senses sharp, all the while pushing our limits.
Vidi, the wind, carries us over seas and oceans, allowing us to rise above mountains and to take our gaze and spirit beyond the horizon.
Vici, embodies fire, which translates into passion and power. It encourages mankind to create as well as to destroy and our mastery of it requires wisdom as much as well as strength.



in my mind, Veni comes very close to the description above. It is very reminiscent of dry, summer land and I can imagine an army crossing it during early summer while the smells of green hasn’t yet been burned out by the sun, accompanied by lavender and other herbs wafting on a warm, green breeze. And there must be an orchard nearby, as there is definitely a fruity, lightly citrusy tinge to it.

When I say herbal, it is to signify the spicy notes that work so well with the green notes in this perfume, I can smell the cardamom but the idea is what I described.

And even though I am the first one to forgo depicting a perfume as masculine or feminine, in today’s tuscan2sense, there is a definite masculine tone to it. Which makes it perfect for me.

The warmth of the earth and the sweetness of the plants growing on it, making this smell lightly fougerish and then woody, I am definitely conquered by the approaching perfumed army.


Top Note: absolu cardamom, cinnamom, galbanum, lavander
Heart Note: carnation, saffron, guaiac wood
Base Note: vanilla, toffee, patchouli oil, musk, ambergris, oakmoss



The notes, the description, my first smell of this – all these made my think there was no way I would like this one. Water and ozone effects?! Please.

Well, I admit I was wrong. Not in so much that I would wear it, but I would certainly enjoy it on a man. as again this one has a definitely masculine tinge to it. And even though I know when I say that smelling the ozone/metallic and watery flower notes, that are also lightly sweet would make one run the other way thinking Cool Water is about to appear, that would be wrong. It somehow works and I’m blaming it all on cardamom. 🙂

It is generally a note I like a lot and is a common note going through all three.

This is the one I have the most problems wrapping my mind around. I mean, aquatic notes aren’t supposed to smell good. Never mind how you spice them up and give them a light saltiness. Right?


Top Note: cardamom, ozone effects
Heart Note: plastic rose, cyclamen, water effects, saffron
Base Note: immortal absolu, musk, ambergris, vanilla, white wood



Honestly, I don’t see much fire in this perfume (except the one burning in my soul to own it). It is a bit reminiscent of Veni with its soil-like angelique note (and iris root) in combination with cardamom and the green notes. There is still a summery feel to this one as well. So the army I keep imagining with the names of these perfumes must be riding through some wonderfully smelling countryside.

But this one is also the most serious one with the bittery nose-pinching in the beginning and no underlying sweetness, reminiscent of battle fields before the battle with its green and hay like hues.

Eventually the serious beginning mellows to more meadow-like feel of rest, with galbanum mellowing summer meadowdown and incense letting the flowers out to play in the meadow. Not that there seem to be many flowery notes in this perfume, but that is what it smells like to me, more floral in the drydown than before.
Top Note: angelical roots, cardamom, pink peppercorns, basil, galbanum, aldehyde
Heart Note: rustic lavender effects, céleri graine, iris concrete, osmanthus absolu, essence incense
Base Note: patchouli oil, musk, vanilla, cedar, raspberry


Samples were provided by HdP.

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