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Vero Profumo – Onda

How to do this without resorting to same ideas as for Rubj?

I don’t want to repeat myself and say I prefer the extrait again (which I do). It’s just that the fruity (passion fruity) opening makes me think of candy. You know, combine ginger and fruit and see what you will think of.

So, the extrait starts off very seriously, green and menthol-like with bark and woody hints. I like the opening a lot, lets you breathe it in with open lungs. And then, it gets a bit problematic for me, getting an oily vetiver quality that does not go well with my stomach (especially when combined with light leathery smokiness). I can’t help smelling it and waiting to see if it will disappear. It does and then I can happily state that I’m in love with its character and strength (and it has both in spades).

On the other hand, the edp feels boyish and flashy. You know, if the extrait were a man of strength and character and some years, the edp would be a young, flashy man. Not a bad one, just not yet grown up (psychologically). But you can see after spending time with both, that they must be some kind of family as you recognize the facial features of your man in the young man standing before you.

Edp notes: Bergamot, citron, mandarin, ginger, coriander, basil, passion fruit, iris, ylang-ylang, honey, vetiver Bourbon, patchouli, musk, cedar wood

Extrait notes: vetiver, ginger, mace, coriander

I really don’t want you to think the edp is not good because it is. And if I haven’t smelled the extrait, I would probably think it was great. But I can’t help it when the extrait speaks to me and I want the edp to grow up. And smelling them side by side didn’t help much as I kept giving more attention to the extrait even though I noticed the lightheartedness (fruitiness) of edp disappearing and more character showing.

All 3 extraits make me feel like they were given freedom to develop and spread their wings while the edps feel a bit stumped in their growth.  And I have no idea where that came from but it felt right in writing it down.

Notes and pic by: http://www.luckyscent.com/

Personal perfume trivia

And all thanks to Luckyscent. 🙂

I got their fall sample package the other day and it sparked a whole bunch of interesting situations.

I was happy to try Amouage Memoir Woman and almost instantly got reminded of Frapin’s Caravelle Epicee. So I tried them side by side and luckily they are not the same. CE is much sweeter in a spicy way while Memoir gets a boozy thing going more than CE. I like Memoir quite a lot, but not that a lot to buy a bottle.

Then, Luckyscent tried to trick me and they switched labels on Andy Tauer scents. 🙂 Shame on them.
Imagine my surprise when I finally happily applied some Eau d’epices I waited for so long to try and it turned into a wet smelling something resembling a rose. Now is a good time to say I wasn’t expecting Une Rose Vermeille to work on my skin because it’s a wet rose floral. I was very right, it fell splat and didn’t move anymore. And I do mean no movement at all. So I tried the sample labeled Une Rose Vermeille and imagine my surprise when it turned into this juicy sweet thing that lasts and lasts (I keep wondering how do you make that fruity juicy note last so long?).

Which brings me to Vero Onda Rubj and resemblance between Rubj and La Prairie Threads Sapphire. Well, Sapphire only resembles Rubj which is much richer and fuller but the resemblance is definitely there. And one is called Rubj and the other Sapphire.  Interesting. 🙂 Although, to be completely honest, I only smelled Sapphire on a strip and didn’t give it a lot thought because after trying Rubj just the day before, there wasn’t
any chance it would be better than Rubj.

Here are the notes.
Rubj: Bergamot, mandarin, neroli, passion fruit, cumin, orange flower absolute, tuberose, basil, cedar, oak moss, musk.

Sapphire: Top notes are green notes, apricot and freesia; middle notes are jasmine, narcissus and gardenia; base notes are woodsy notes and amber.

And before I leave, I just licked my fingers (I admit, I’m eating potato chips while writing this, yes, I don’t really live a completely healthy life) and afterwards I realized there was still some myrrh absolute on them (barely but still) and that is the reason my tongue tastes bitterness in my mouth. Oh well, outside, inside, who cares if it smells nice. 🙂

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