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Surprising myself

I love surprises. So I don’t mind when I manage to surprise myself. 🙂

I know I love white flowers, especially tuberose and orange blossoms. What I wasn’t aware of is that I obviously adore tuberose as it seems I have quite many perfumes featuring that note. I wouldn’t even be aware of that if I weren’t preparing a tuberose package for a fellow blogger and stuff seemed to pop out of everywhere. Which also means I’m walking around in a tuberose cloud (making me feel happy and smiling) and as some of the tuberoses I handled are only in sample sizes, I’m considering which one I need in a bigger size (probably bottle). 🙂

And I have it! I knew the instant I smelled it, it was the first tuberose I plan on buying once I recover from my recent splurge. *

Histoires de Parfums – Tubereuse Animale! When I received their sample package some months ago, the 3 tuberoses were in it but at that time I didn’t talk about them because they were discussed on many blogs previous to that. I do plan on doing reviews on them, esepcially because I think all 3 are really good but Animale is in my opinion perfect for me.

So, basic line is, I’m a tuberose freak and I’m proud of it. Not to mention I’ll be smelling it all day long as decanting can be a messy business and I have some all over my clothes. 😀

* I have the best of friends. 🙂 My friend Branka was in Paris for only a few days and I’m incredibly grateful that she found the time to look for the bottles I wanted and now am the proud owner of – SL Boxeuses and Shalimar Ode a la Vanille.

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