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When things go awry

And that’s the way they seem to be going the last few days for me.

First, I managed to completely miss the meaning of the name Carnation for Mona di Orio’s perfume. Ok, that one is not that strange when I consider my state of mind (and concentration) these days but still makes me feel stupid. Not to mention all the typos I keep making.

Then, while I was checking some blog stats, at some point I seem to have reloaded the blog template which then promptly turned white. I have no idea why but trying to put it back, the only way I managed to return it to its former black status was by losing all the sidebar information and that wasn’t an option.
Luckily, I didn’t save that option but returned to white and then went on in search of something similar to what it used to look like. That’s why you might have noticed something different in the look of my blog.
Now I just have to learn to live with it. I don’t mind change, but I prefer it happen when I instigate it and not outside forces. I really liked my black look.

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