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The smell of winter

Finally, it arrived.

Not the actual winter but the hints it’s giving out before it comes.

The smell of snowflakes in the air.

The cold that smells blue.

The anticipation of air turning and sun blazing white.

Ok, so I really didn’t smell the snow in the air (but I don’t think it can be far now) but the rest is here.

We’ve had  a long summer and a strange, humid autumn that made everyone sick and today, finally, the air is bracingly cold, the sky is finally showing signs of losing the clouds and the smell of winter is in the air.

I love the smell of each of the seasons but I especially love the smell of winter. After all, it is my season (as I was born in winter).
I hate being cold but I can’t help feeling that when I smell the winter in the night air (as it seems it’s always night now), I feel at ease and comfortable.
There is something in this cold, night, starry air that feels as much me as it can.

I still don’t know why that is that I feel winter is the time of year when I feel most comfortable with everything. Walking in the cold and enjoying Christmas decorations (which are almost here) and then coming home into the warmth and enjoying being comfortable and cocooned in it – not to mention all the perfumes making me feel warm and fuzzy and happy.
The truth is – only the winter perfumes make me feel truly happy and truly me. 🙂

But, even though this might sound like I will be writing more often than lately, I do think it won’t be the case as some of my personal (delayed by me) obligations will have to take precedence over everything, so I believe I won’t be writing as often as I’d like, but I hope that I’ll be here at least once a week until Christmas (and the rush) passes.

The smell of early summer rain

Tonight, I was going home with my boyfriend after a light dinner with friends (on his motorcycle) and that was after a short shower.

I’m aware it’s not officially summer yet but you wouldn’t be able to guess that here these days.

As I’m writing this, there’s thunder outside but it’s not raining at the moment.

The whole time we were riding home on his motorcycle, I couldn’t help thinking how wonderful the city smells.
The trees all are in full bloom as officially, it’s still late spring. It’s very warm each day and the air is saturated with humidity.
And then it rains.

You can smell the wet dirt on the asphalt mixed with humid smell of all the trees and flowers blooming in the city at the moment. Especially when on a motorcycle after a late spring shower.
It’s all there – the humid air, the ozone feeling of the approaching thunderstorm, the greenery of all the trees in the city, and the sweet smell of their flowers, the smell of dirt on the asphalt and eventually it hits you – the smell of budding optimism and well-being.

I wish someone would make a perfume out of this smell. Not the exact thing, but something evoking it. Because to me, it’s one of the best fragrances in the world.

The smell of snow

You know, the more I smell perfumes, the less I feel  I know. Each time I try and think of a perfume with a particular scent, I come blank. Like snow now.

Living in a city, this is not the best place to announce to everyone you love snow as people tend to get upset since snow makes everything more difficult (and the fact that it needs to be removed from pretty much everywhere in order to get anywhere makes people cranky). I, I adore snow. I adore the way air starts smelling of it even weeks before it falls, I love the quiet it brings when it’s falling and once it’s on the ground, I love walking in it, I love snow-fights and snowmen, there is pretty much nothing about snow that I don’t love.

So, naturally, as we’ve had some for the last 10 days or so (not too much and it melts quickly), I started thinking about scents that manage, even for a few seconds, to conjure that smell of snow in the air.

You know, the one that smells cold and fresh, but almost electrically sweet. Snow for me never smells like it brings cold of both spirit and body, for me the cool smell of snow brings clarity of mind, freeing of the spirit  from all that weighs on it and childlike happiness. So, of course, a perfume that could evoke that would be much welcome.

As I’ve been thinking about this for some days now, I realized I have a wonderful collection of perfumes to wear when it’s cold outside that make me feel warm but none that makes me feel like I’m enjoying a brisk walk in the snow. Or standing outside in the cold night air, breathing fully the snowy freshness and contemplating the stars in the sky…

The closest I got was Sushi Imperiale which for me evokes the happiness of a snowfight but it’s a bit too childlike for me.

So, now I’m asking for some help – what are the perfumes that evoke the smell of snow for you?

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