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Harry Potter 6 – the movie

– possible spoilers –

This is going to be a short venting of my frustrations. I finally saw the movie yesterday and I got out of the cinema angry. I remember when the book came out and I read it, I was totally shocked – it was dark, the ending was completely shocking and depressing and I couldn’t wait for the last to come out. The series grew progressively darker and culminated in no. 7. The movies so far have kept with that. But not this one. If you haven’t read the book, I believe the movie will be just fine. But for all of us fans, this is, mildly put, – disappointing. Not mildly put – it makes me angry. There are so many things missing that are in the book, which I understand, it’s never possible to film everything and some things need to be changed. But to completely remove the grand finale battle and change the whole tone of the book, I find that unforgivable. What were they thinking?! The movie actually ends on a positive note?! There is no reason that I can find that acceptable. My guess is that they probably wanted the movie to be viewable to all of public, but in my opinion they completely missed the point of the book. I certainly hope they are not going to repeat anything similar with the final book.

Hopefully, this will pass by tomorrow because today I plan on re-reading the book 6 (and then the 7 as well), just to calm down a bit. 🙂

If you haven’t read the book, see the movie and then read the book, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. If you read the book and love it, I wonder what will you think of the movie.
The picture is of Luna Lovegood, one of the more fun characters in the book. I absolutely love her.
Pic by:www.filmofilia.com
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