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Rachel Vincent: Stray

So, I finally read Stray (I’ve been hearing about that book for years it seems, long enough for the Shifters series to reach 6 books) and that was my first read this year. I like the way my year has started (reading-wise I might add).

Anyway, I had some problems with the main character Faythe who went to university in order to get away from her cat pride (we’re talking werecats here) and not be under constant surveillance (although her father would never let her do that if she weren’t actually being kept an eye on by his underlings, he’s the Alpha).
So, without going too much into the story, Faythe needs to return home due to some problems regarding tabbies disappearing (females of the pride) and Faythe is in danger.
Of course, and this is what I’m having a bit of a problem with is, no one takes her word seriously or trusts her, which she basically brought upon herself during her late teenage years but this attitude she  still somehow manages to display in the beginning of the novel, even though she thinks of herself as more mature than when she left and completely right in her opinions. Somehow, Faythe growing up and maturing in a matter of 3 days is a bit of a stretch for me but I guess she just needed to have her eyes opened by her family and pride.
She is at the same time strong, smart, capable and aware of others’ weaknesses and strenghts but still so very stubborn and wrong.

In the end, she is very likeable and I’m looking forward to reading the next books in the series.
Especially since I can’t wait to see what happens with Andrew. 😉

Pic by: http://rachelvincent.com/shifters.htm

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