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Found another one – Under the Arbor by CB I hate perfume

It’s finally dawning on me that if I want to find something new and interesting to wear (for any purpose really), I only need to dig deeper into the recesses of my perfume collection and I’ll be sure to find something that fits.
I know why I skipped this one, I thought it might be similar to Black March which I love to smell but can’t wear so I just didn’t feel the need to try Under the Arbor.

That is, until a few days ago while on the lookout for spring scents.

If I imagine sitting under the arbor (I’m not imagining the grape one which was the starting point for this one), I’d imagine sitting in the shade of a large tree, on a bed of grass, enjoying the warmth of the sun safely away from its rays and smelling the  nature around me.

Under the Arbor doesn’t transport me there actually. And definitely not into a summer day.
It starts for me smelling of bark and grass in the morning, when it doesn’t smell sweet but more earthy. I didn’t realize it until this one came along, that when spring comes, I need scents that are grounding and not too exuberant as spring is exuberant itself, so I need something to temper that and make me feel alive at the same time.
And what better way to do that then bring one into contact with nature?

Notes: crushed grape leaves, weathered wood, green moss, cool earth

At some point it reminded me a bit of Black March due to the whole earthy vibe but while I can’t wear the earthiness that is Black March, I can wear this one. Because even though it doesn’t transport me into a summer day under the arbor, it does something even better.

As the perfume progressed, I got the distinct feeling that the sun was gaining height and the spring air around me started warming and with it the sweetness of air got stronger. It is as if you sat under that arbor in the relative spring coolness of the morning and reclined there in the peace of nature while the sun kept rising and warming your little spring paradise.

Honestly, that is one of the better experiences you can smell bottled. 🙂

Notes by: http://www.cbihateperfume.com/
Pic by: http://www.visnjan.hr/

It’s spring – what should I wear?

I realized I face the same problem each spring. It doesn’t happen with any other season, only spring.

The sun is shining, the weather is warmer and I re-organized my perfumes so those warm weather ones would be closer at hand but I’m not feeling them. I mean, the easiest choice seems to be tuberose these days but I’d like to expand that (and not use up what’s left in my bottle of Vamp a NY).

The way I see it, spring feels like a new beginning so I need to smell something new to go with it. None of my last year spring favorites seem to be working no more. They will though, as soon as I start the spring season with something new to satisfy my spring flightiness.

Green, sunny and not too floral – ideas please?

Cloudy musings

After several days of almost summer heat, today it is cold and very cloudy and although I don’t want to be influenced by that, it seems I cannot help it (much). I am finally getting better (physically) because on Monday morning I woke up to find my arms covered in rash and I was very upset. Because the day before I put on a self-bronzer nad I thought that was the reason. It turns out that the places that it appeared signified it had something to do with something I ate, not something I applied all over my body. Huh, that was a relief! 🙂 The thing is I cannot use solariums any more, my dermatologist almost had a heart attack when she heard I went ocasionally because I am pretty pale and have a light skin tone (hence the wish to go) and I am prone to birthmarks (I even had to have some removed). Imagine then my fear that I will not be able to use self-bronzer just when I finally found a good one (by Decleor), I know that it’s good because I already used it twice before so I did think it strange that suddenly it caused an allergic reaction.

Well, it turns out it’s not that, although I don’t know what is it that I ate that might have caused it. And I am still a bit upset because I’m waiting for my arms to clear completely and I’m not putting any perfume on to try, so I feel a bit depressed.

The other thing is, each morning I look at my perfume shelf and cannot choose anything with the feeling, this is IT. I am looking for a perfect spring scent and I don’t have one. All of those on the shelf are great but none of them strikes me as the ONE. I was giving it some serious thought and what I came up with as what I would like it to smell is that it has to be warm and not in a summer or winter way, but in a spring way. I enjoyed the spring this year so much, smelling all those budding flowers and trees and that it the kind of smell I’d like. Warm like a spring day, sweet smelling of growing flowers and slightly wet grass, with just a hint of dust and traffic in the background… Am I looking for too much? Or, more likely, is it somewhere out there but I just don’t know its name and where to look for it? Any ideas would be very welcome.

Today I’m wearing Belle en Rykiel EdT and thinking where did it go? It’s one of the things I bought while smelling it on a strip and on me, it sort of disappears. OK, so I’m exaggerating a bit, it does not disappear but it is too close to the skin, and that’s not what I like at the moment.

I promise I’ll be more optimistic in my next post. 🙂

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