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N.K. Jemisin: The Broken Kingdoms read-along #1

And we’re back to the world where gods and godlings live alongside humans in the world shaped somewhat anew after what Yeine the Goddess did at the end of Thousand Kingdoms.

This week’s questions were brought to us by Grace of Books Without Any Pictures.

1.  What do you think so far of Oree Shoth?  Do you like her as much as Yeine?

Yes, I like her as much as Yeine. Possibly even more as she seems free, both to do as she pleases and like she has no burdensome limits left from her childhood.The Broken Kingdoms by NK Jemisin


2.  Sky is now referred to by its inhabitants as Shadow, and we get to see the city from the perspective of the commoners rather than the ruling Arameri.  What do you think of the book’s setting?
Love it. Especially imagining all the descriptions and the size of that tree. I keep needing to re-adjust my idea of how big it is. Well, no longer now but since the last book and at the beginning of this one, it didn’t seem that big in my mind.
3.  The gods play a much different role in this book than in “The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms,” and spend their time interacting with the people of Sky/Shadow.  What do you think of the gods and godlings that we’ve met thus far?  Who are your favorites?
I’m not naming favorites, I expect more will appear as we get further into the book. I think it’s easy to forget they aren’t human when they move so much among people and I believe that would be a serious mistake to make.

4.  Any predictions on who or what could be killing the godlings?

Some unknown witch-magic godling? 😉 Basically, no idea.
I can’t tell where the vengeance is coming from (and it feels like vengeance) so I can’t guess who could be doing it.

5.  For everyone who read the last book, Shiny’s identity should be relatively easy to guess, even though it hasn’t been explicitly stated yet.  Do you think his punishment is suiting, or is it too much?  Is there any chance he’ll come out of this as a normal person?  How do you think Oree will react when she finds out?

Hell no, it’s not too much. And I can see Oree is not eager to make that particular assumption (whether the punishment is too much).

If this doesn’t make him become a normal person/god, nothing will.

How will Oree react? Probably with cool aplomb. 😉 I think she’s no longer too surprised by godling world. I think her drawing might be more of a shock to her than Shiny’s identity.


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