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Laurell K. Hamilton: Skin Trade

It doesn’t really happen that often that I cannot remember what the book was about or that I actually forget I read it.  I was completely sure when starting Skin Trade that I never read it before. Which was ok because I felt like reading it for the first time (even after I remembered some parts but didn’t remember how it ends).

So, Vittorio from Incubus Dreams (that’s where we met him first) sets a trap for Anita in Las Vegas and she has no choice but to get there (while Jean-Claude is still asleep so cannot argue against it). But since this is an already known vampire serial killer, Edward, Olaf and Bernardo also come to play. This is where we get to see Olaf trying to get more quality time with Anita (from his perspective of course).

 Spoilers ahead again. 🙂

And since Master of Las Vegas animal to call is a were-tiger and Anita is carrying the top were-tiger lycnathopy, there is a whole new set of problems with that. Standard stuff of the last several Anita books. 🙂 While trying to find the resting place of Vittorio through the were-tiger that is helping him, they also seem to realize that there was not only a vampire problem the police in Las Vegas was dealing with but a demon as well. That turns out to be a lesser problem because Vittorio is not just an ordinary master vampire. He is Father of the Day to Mother of all Darkness who she stripped of some of his powers but they seem to be returning in this book. Of course, Anita is there to deal with that problem. 🙂
What interests me more is what happened with Marmee Noir? I mean the vampire council feared her waking so much that they blew up her resting place. But for some reason I cannot believe that was the end of her. 🙂 You don’t get rid of the mother of all vampires just like that. We’ll see.

WoW: Laurell K. Hamilton

If you’re a fan of kick-ass heroines from vampire/werewolf stories, Anita Blake series is definitely not to be missed. It’s how I got started and hooked. 🙂 The series has progressed to some 17 books or something (I don’t really bother remembering the number, I just check periodically to see if something new is coming out).

As you can probably guess that many books usually mean the quality might be questionable at some point. Well, that guess would be true. The good thing though is that it seems with this last book, Mrs Hamilton is on her way to what we came to expect from Anita Blake. The last book in the series “Skin trade” is finally back on track with some serious problems and typical Anita. Strong in her convictions, constantly questioning the rightness of her choices (which are usually one of lesser evils) and standing firm in the face of danger. But, there are many heroines which come with a sense of humor, if that’s what you are looking for, forget it. Anita is not a light, humorous being. She’s dark (on the outside as well) and ironic as hell. She is also constantly conflicted, due to her strong convictions and Catholic upbringing.

It’s actually interesting to follow the books from the beginning and see how they progresses. If I got it right, Mrs Hamilton wasn’t married at the time she started writing and several books in the beginning have no sex in them. Just some physical attraction, and that’s it. At some point though, sex started appearing in all manner of situations and it almost went into porn category (the quantity and explicitness). It just deteriorated with each following book. Now, there’s still sex but the book is much more story oriented. Thank God. 🙂 And I got the feeling that the original Anita is back. With all her lovers. 😉

It’s funny, there’s one more series written by LKH, the Merry Gentry which revolves around Fae. And again you have there the heroine who without any wish or inclination ends up having a whole bunch of lovers. 🙂

Oh, I almost forgot to say, Anita is not a simple human. She’s a federal marshal hunting vampires, called the Executioner by the vampires, and the strongest Necromancer in the last couple of centuries. 🙂 I’ll keep the rest of what she is to myself, if it sounds interesting give it a try. You’re bound to be frustrated and angry at several points but it’s still dark and interesting.

P.S. It’s evident from what I wrote that I have all the books from both series, right? 🙂

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