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Skiing – the best reset

From season to season I forget how great skiing is to reset you from your everyday life. I guess any physical vacation would do that but when you enjoy winter and snow as much as I do, skiing is the best.
I spent the week in Austria (part where the weather was absolutely amazing) with friends and their families. I had the most amazing time that passed so fast I had no time for reading or doing anything else I thought I would have time for (like perfume).

I don’t know what is it about snow and winter that speaks to me but spending my days in the snow and enjoying the snowflakes falling onto my face and being able to taste them while skiing was the most perfect vacation I could imagine. And then unexpectedly dancing the night away was the most satisfying experience of my week.

I knew that being physically active is the best way of staying happy but I kind of forgot during the days of my back pain.

I am so very happy to say that yoga helped and that I skied for a week without any pain.

Hopefully you all get to enjoy snow this winter and in the meantime I’ll leave you with some photos of last week.cofcofcofcofcofcofoznordavdavdavdav

Traveling in France – skiing in Val d’Allos

It’s funny how I haven’t been to France in years and then in the span of a month I traveled both to Paris and to Val d’Allos for skiing. We were there in early January, it’s just that I’m slow in posting.

I missed skiing so much these past few years we didn’t go so I enjoyed myself immensely this time around.

Even though the snow wasn’t much in attendance (all over Europe), we still had enough to be able to ski every day. Most days the weather looked like this:


Lots of sun and luckily not too warm most days so the snow didn’t melt.


How could you not feel happy when all day long this is what you see:


Not that much snow around though…DSC_1510[1]

Enjoying a little sun while taking a break (and practicing taking selfies) 😉


The only cloudy day when a storm was coming – with lots of snow!DSC_1525[1]

View from the balcony:




And for the first time around, I’m sneaking in a photo of my boyfriend (he doesn’t like his pictures published online but I’m thinking this one is fine):


Quick post-ski thoughts

First day after a vacation is always filled with so many different things to do, so I’ll just give you a quick rundown of what I wore while skiing, hot it behaved and some photos of the mountains.

Even though I thought skiing in March will prove to be a sunny, warm activity, I was quite wrong. On those days when it was actually sunny, it was still cold and windy and although not as cold as on non-sunny days, cold enough not to mistake the weather for spring.

Bal d’Afrique is definitely something cold cannot kill. 🙂 And 3 spritzes of it are too much. It got trapped between my layers of clothing and I could smell it all day. A large plus for it. The same goes for Alamut which managed to reveal new facets in the cold (wet and rose-smelling). That one is strange – I’m not sure what I think of it.

I had high hopes for Sushi Imperiale but they were dashed by the coldest day I ever experienced. I don’t think I was ever that cold in my life (it was a windy -15 degrees Celsius). The cold killed the Sushi Imperiale. The same happened to Vetyver Vanilla by Gutsatz house.

On one of the sunny days I wore Keiko Mecheri Iris Pourpre which turned quite sweet in the sunny cold.

In the evening I mostly kept to my new discovery – Nuxe dry oil for body which has a lovely smell that combines great with By Kilian Back to Black (and feels great on skin).

That’s all for today – here are some photos:

The last one is me of course. 🙂

And I’m off

Just a quick word before I leave for a week of sun in the (I hope sun) but on snow definitely.
I hope everyone has a productive week of sniffing and discovering new loves, and hopefully, there won’t be that many posts to read once I’m back but since I will be de-stressed, happy and full of energy, I won’t mind one little bit even if that will be the case.
I will be back on Monday 15, probably with photos and my musings on how the scents I’m taking with me performed in the snow and while skiing. I sincerely hope that it’s not going to be a week where I’m lazy enough not to put anything on and just let my scentful hobby disappear. I really want to see how it’s going to work out.
So, have a great week (I know I will) and read you soon!

I need some scentful help

A week from now I’ll be off to France for a week of skiing. I cannot describe how much I am looking forward to a week of some energetic activity, sun, snow and no work. 🙂 I really think I’ve earned my vacation this year.

Anyway, I realized I have a bit of a problem. I have no ide what to take with me (perfume-wise). I know I will take Jo Malone Nutmeg and Ginger because that is my light scent for pretty much every occasion and I think will work great during my snow activities.
But, it will be March and it won’t be that cold (approximately from -3 to 3 degrees Celsius) so now my winter scents are not going to be appropriate because first, they are not designed for strenuous activity (I don’t see most of them in that light anyway) and secondly, they make me feel warm and cuddly and that is not exactly what I will need them to do. I mean, the sun will be shining and it’s going to be pretty warm (in ski terms) and the cuddly needs no explanation. 🙂

But I don’t think my summer scents are appropriate either. I don’t want citrusy light variants for skiing, they somehow feel like they are going to clash with snow. I would like either something sporty, something cristalline-like or white (ChickenF, are you going to suggest Cristalle? – which btw, I still don’t know what it smells like) or something springlike. I’m thinking of taking Santal Blanc as well (it has the white part, besides it’s not too wintery so it might work).
Any suggestion will be most welcome. 🙂
I also plan to take something to seduce my boyfriend in the evening 😉 but that is a much easier choice (my Amoureuse and Lyric samples are coming with me – probably some others as well, but I haven’t yet decided which).

And while I’m waiting for the week to pass, some pictures from last year (Les 2 Alpes). That’s me in light blue.

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