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James Rollins: Bloodline

I seem to be saying this again  and again but I am so happy with my Kindle. For the most part because I can have the books I want to read as soon as they are out, as opposed to waiting until they reach Croatia.

So, of course, as soon as the Bloodline was out it was on my Kindle as well. Because I really am a huge fan of the Sigma series.
Therefore, I didn’t doubt I would enjoy the last Sigma installment as well. And I did. And again it was full of interesting premises, this time revolving around making man immortal (or just very long living).

The story though revolves aroun Guild trying to disband Sigma (and practically succeeding). I had fun as the Knights Templar made a guest appearance (I always enjoy them being mentioned).
Basically the thread Mr. Rolling decided to use as the background for Bloodline is really good.

What I enjoyed immensely in this story (one thing I haven’t really noticed earlier, which doesn’t mean it wasn’t there) is that the bad guys really get their come-uppance in the manner I (most readers actually) find deserving. (Btw, lately I noticed my vengeance factor for the bad guys is really great).

The other thing is I learned a lot about Somalia – and that MI6 doesn’t employ women? I still find that one strange.

Anyway, this time around, one more thing about Mr. Rollins’ writing became apparent but I’m not saying this as a complaint. He is a guy after all. 😉
The thing is, there are many strong female characters in Mr. Rollins’ novels. Smart, strong, capable and scary. But when you take a closer look, it’s always the men who have more power, understand the situations (where the bad guys are coming from) and generally seem to take care of those strong women in the end.
Once again, I am not complaining about this or trying to make it into a feminist issue, it’s just something I found interesting while reading Bloodline.

As expected, this was again an action-packed, intriguing story full of interesting concepts we get explained in the end (not of the novel but the book).
No wonder I am such a huge fan of it. 🙂

New author discovery

I haven’t been writing much about books lately (not having enough time to actually read them) but I finished one from a new author (new for me, haven’t read anything of his before yesterday) and I am happy. 🙂 With the book, with the fact that there are more and with discovery. I am talking about James Rollins and Map of bones. I don’t know how many of you read Dan Brown and were interested, but in my opinion this is better. This one revolves around the 3 Magi (the ones who visited Christ) their bones, secret societies, lost gospels and all other interesting facts and ideas we are never going to know for sure. M-state gold (anyone heard of that before?) features prominently and I actually learned a lot. If you’re into thrillers, I highly recommend this.

And it came around the time there has been a lot of religious debate in my life – usually with friends. Do you believe that when the time is right, you get/find the information you are looking for? That seems to happen to me a lot. And the final word by Mr. Rollins at the end of the book is from Matthew: Seek, and you shall find. Well, couldn’t be more true if you ask me. This book has opened some new horizons for me, I just have to find the time to go explore them (several books are mentioned and I plan on getting my hands on them). 🙂 The only problem I face a chronic lack of time, but hey, who needs sleep? 😉

I have the second in the Sigma series (by Rollins) at home, so soon I hope I’ll be able to share my happiness over another of his books.

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