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Shelly Laurenston: Hunting Season (The Gathering)

Before I forget, please, anyone who reads my book reviews and has a suggestion for me of something I might like, do make it/them.
I’ve never even heard of Ms Laurenston before Geordan commented and mentioned her name in the context of paranormal romance.
Btw, has any of you ever wondered how broad a term romance is when applied to books? 😀

So, as this experience went well for me, AND it was my first official Amazon download to my Kindle, I’m now eager for more suggestions that will entice me to download more books. So, suggestions are welcome and well, expected. 😉

OK, onto the book. Like I already mentioned, romance is a broad term when applied to books, so I was a bit taken aback when the romance way I’m used to when applied to human anatomy went straight to direct speech. Can’t say I was expecting that. 🙂

But I believe it says a lot about the author that she made me forget I wasn’t used to naming parts of human anatomy and by the end of the book forgot that were the words I was reading.
Now I’m making it seem like this was the most important part of the book. 🙂 It wasn’t. Well, I don’t really know what was the most important part of the book as from what I gathered, it is supposed to be a start of the series, the only problem with that is there is no information when the next book might come out (or if). And I was ready to start reading about Tye and Janelle, figuring if the story about Neecy and Yager came out in 2009 ( and I believe that was re-published), chances were good I might be getting the next installment in a minute (through my lovely new friend called Kindle). No such luck. 😦

I keep writing and not saying much about the book. 🙂 But I guess you can tell from the fact that I wanted to start on the next right that minute, I enjoyed it. And I did.
I do think I could have done with a little more character development for Neecy and Yager but it was ok as it was.
I loved the conversations, I especially loved the bizarre situations featuring mostly Mike (I think his name is Mike, I’m bad with names), and the fact that this series is connected to Norse mythology. I don’t really want to talk about the story, as with all books that keep your attention throughout, there are enough little things that make it interesting.

P.S. I just need to say this – there is no way Yager looks like the guy from this cover.

Pic by: http://www.shellylaurenston.com/

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