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Matthew Reilly: Scarecrow Returns

I promise, a perfume review is coming soon. 🙂

But until then, another book I read that deserves I talk about it. Besides, I’m a Matthew Reilly fan for years now (albeit I almost stopped being that after he killed a certain character some time ago).
And this is the part where I need to say that I REALLY doubted him. I was so upset at a certain point in the book, and kept thinking that I am not reading another MR novel after this if keeps going like that, but luckily for me, I was wrong and I hope there will be more MR novels in the future because I really enjoy them.

I mean, you shouldn’t expect a novel that will become a classic (although it might in the fast-paced action category if those will ever become classics) – it’s like reading a Hollywood action movie of the James Bond/Mission Impossible/Die Hard variety.
It’s fast, action-packed and mostly fun. Until you get to the conspiracy theory part where it’s usually US conspiracy although not known by the top authority. It’s also very believable (in the possibility of people like that existing and attempting to destroy certain countries) and quite likely unfortunately. Not in the whole action-packed, impossible to survive situations, but from the perspective that we have no idea what is actually happening at top levels in our world.

Ok, enough with the conspiracy theories. 🙂
It’s an easy read and if you enjoyed the previous Scarecrow novels, you’re bound to enjoy this one.
And now that I’ve read it, I’m ready for the next Jack West installment (even though Scarecrow and Jack Reilly bear many similarities, not that I really mind). 🙂

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