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All my efforts are just not good enough

Spring is right around the corner and all my efforts regarding scents are not bearing any fruit. It all started with Roxana’s solid chocolate perfume samples. Which are btw really interesting and smell delicious but in my case cannot be put into much words or summed up as what they smell like. I’ll give it a try but you shouldn’t expect much.

Then this morning, I got dressed and was happy that I can wear lighter clothes since it’s getting springish here and the temperatures have risen about 10- 15 degrees Celsius. And I realized I don’t know what perfume to put on. In the end I ended up wearing Daim Blonde just because it didn’t remind me too much of a winter scent. And it is still not time for summer scents so I’m a bit lost now. What are you all wearing these days when it’s too warm for winter scents but it’s not really spring yet?

And now when I was starting to write this, I wanted to download the photos I took with my phone and for some reason, it won’t work. Like I said, nothing seems to be going right.

My Roxana chocolate samples included the following six:

1. Noir – “Like it’s edible counterpart, this chocolate is deep, dark and mysterious with a strong musk note.”

Yeah, there’s no mistaking the musk part and the fact that of all six, this one lasts the longest. It does smell of dark chocolate with slightly bitter feel but the musk unfortunately makes it not for me.

2. Cerise – “Succulent cherry with a base of rich chocolate.”

Now we’re getting somewhere. 🙂 I kept thinking, I know this, I know this, what is that fruit in this? And then I read cherry, and it hits me. There is a Croatian chocolate producer that has this perfect chocolate filled with boozy cheeries and this one smells exactly like that little chocolate morcel. And I get the boozy vibe too (have no idea if it’s only me because of the chocolate association).

3. La Foret – “A dense conifer forest meets an ocean of chocolate.”

This one is my favourite. There is less chocolate vibe in this (even though there’s an ocean in the description), it’s less sweet and more deeper and darker than the rest. I got some earthy-smoky vibe from it and it reminds me of chocolate forest (more foresty than chocolatey).

4. L’Orangerie – “Mouth watering citrus in a base of rich chocolate.”

Roxana also said it is very fleeting although I didn’t see it as more fleeting than the rest (they all had some problems with sticking a while on my skin). But boy, is it mouth-watering! All that juiciness you can practically feel in your mouth. You smell it and it feels like a burst of juiciness exploded in your head. How did she do that? Yeah, and the chocolate is there. 🙂

5. Bois de Chocolat – “Smokey woods and chocolate.”

I got more of the wood in number 3, this reminded me more of wood shavings and chocolate. Not bad but since it was a bit sweeter than 3, 3 is still my most wearable favourite.

6. Epices – “Spice, a hint of vanilla and chocolate.”

I think I smelled some orange peel and clove, it started juicy and spicy. Reminded me of Christmas cakes (the orange/spice combo) and I thought that there might be some cinammon in it but cannot say for sure. It was stronger than number 5, so that is a great plus for it (coming on top those great spices in the beginning).

I think they would all work great as body lotions because putting these solids (and they go on as an oily mousse de chocolat for a lack of a better description) and feel slightly decadent. Rubbing chocolate and spices on your pulse points and warming them up? Mmmm. I think they would work great as mood enhancers. Just rub some chocolate solid that melts into your skin and relax.
I ordered the samples from Roxana’s Etsy shop. There are many more gems hiding there, just waiting for me (or my credit card). 🙂

It arrived!

Just a short post to share my joy and euphoria with you. The package with samples from Roxana Villa arrived today. It was there waiting for me on my desk when I got home and I was practically jumping from joy anticipating the chocolate goodness waiting inside for me. I still haven’t tried any of the wonderfully packaged little samples (I need to take a picture so you can see), I still can’t decide with which to start. 🙂 I’ll choose soon and will review them as soon as I find the time.

Picture taken from Roxana’s Etsy site.
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