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Roja Dove: The Essence of Perfume

I am slow when it comes to reading perfume books, but I do eventually get around to doing it. 🙂 I’ve had The Essence of Perfume for quite some time now, but managed to finish reading it only yesterday.

And I am impressed.

I absolutely love that book – not only does it look wonderful (especially if you want it visible on your coffee table) but it’s also full of useful and interesting information for any perfume lover out there.

Mr. Dove writes in such an easy, natural way, I cannot but think he must be a great speaker (which is something that is hinted at in the book through comments by other people). He is also obviously very knowledgable on the subject (he must be when you consider his life) and brings it alive in front of your eyes.

I admit I am thouroughly jealous at the wonderfully fragrant and interesting life Roja Dove led (and still does). 🙂

As an Aquarian, I no longer know how many times I read that is a sign that looks to the future (and I do, I’d love to live at a time when space travel is possible and standard) but I also love history and that is for me the best chapter in the book – one where history comes to life straight before your eyes through the descriptions of the decades and perfumes that highlighted the historical aspects of those decades.
At several points I found I had tears in my eyes because of how strongly Mr. Dove weaved his fragrant magic into the words.

The whole book is full of images of perfumes (well, not just perfumes but I paid most attention to those) and by the end of the book, I was thouroughly hooked, not only on trying to find some more vintage perfumes, but also trying to locate some of those incredible bottles that are no longer in production and can be found mostly by having a lot of luck.

I never thought about the empty bottles of perfumes and their beauty. Now I do.
And I need a bottle of that Ombre Rose L’Original badly – I’m pretty sure from the description it smells great, but the bottle it comes in?!  I seriously feel the need to have it!

After reading this book, I now have a much better understanding and respect of the finely crafted works of art that perfumes are (or should be) and of the symbolism some of them hold.

I’d say The Essence of Perfume works great as an introductionary encyclopedia for any perfume lover.
But if you are not a perfume lover, once you read it, you can never go back to the life you led before perfume world opened its doors through the words of Roja Dove.

Thinking about perfume

That’s what’s been on my mind lately. Perfume thoughts of all kind.
The fact that your traveling friends can bring wonders from around the world without you having any shipping costs. The fact that it still costs a pretty penny getting a bottle from Paris (because the same bottle costs a pretty penny).

Also, have you noticed how at all times if you take care to follow these things (and even if you don’t), there are numerous possibilities of acquiring perfume for less money than what’s in stores? For one, I always seem to stumble upon Carol’s Niche boutique sales (like the blizzard one yesterday). So close after my Paris bottles is really not something I though I’d be doing, but I just couldn’t skip it. And besides, I’ve been happy about it ever since.

One thing I learned about scents is, the more you let go, the more happiness they bring. Josephine from Notes from Josephine had  a recent post about awfulness of January which I seem to be feeling as well. The only thing sure to make me smile is perfume (and pilates and zumba but they do not happen as often).
And then I came to a sudden realization after smelling one Roja Dove perfume and all the outlaws. The more you let go of your conscious mind in trying to register what you’re smelling, the more the universe of that perfume opens up to you.

First time I smelled the Roja Dove Unspoken, I now realize I was prejudiced by the swapper’s opinion (she said it wasn’t his best and didn’t really like it). Today, I wanted to smell anything, just to let my mind wander around it and I let go. And I stepped into the universe of Unspoken. I do realize that this cannot happen with every perfume one tries, some of them don’t even have a house to let you in, let alone a universe. But Unspoken does. And all of the Outlaws do. It might not be the universe the appeals to you but it’s still a universe.

Now I’ve written this, it feels like I might be exaggerating. But when I say a universe, I mean a world of its own, and universe just sound better (and looks better in my opionion). 🙂

I do want to talk about perfumes I’ve been smelling (and the rest of Outlaws) but for some reason, I can’t. I can talk about perfume generally but each time I sit down to write a review, it doesn’t feel right.
I know it will soon but at the moment I seem to be enjoying perfumes privately.

Pics by: http://www.apod.nasa.gov/ and grand_universe_by_antifan_real

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